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New demo (indoor scene)

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cozzie    5029

Hi all,


I've been working on a new demo, indoor scene, last 2 weeks.



- my own 'DIY' engine

- all meshes home made, except weapon (mk16)

- level design and modelling done in 3ds max


Next steps:

- complete level

- add background music and player location based sound effects

- finally start on basic collision detection


Really appreciated if you share your thoughts.







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Meltac    508

Well, I like it smile.png


Cool lighting / reflections. The scene maybe still looks a little too "polished", e.g. textures / texture mapping are too uniform and clean, but that's normal in that state of development. Plus (as I'm a shader effect guy), there is a huge untouched potential of shader techniques and effects that could be applied in order to make the entire scene look more realistic, such as advanced normal mapping, parallax mapping, light effects (shafts/rays, lens flares etc.), SSAO / HBAO, dynamic depth of field and the like, but I guess that's not yet on your current todo list since you're saying you need to do things like collision detection first.


So keep up the good work !

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cozzie    5029

Thanks both, clear input.

I'll have to dig into normal mapping, somehow postponed it over and over again. Shouldn't be that difficult with everything I have in place

If I understand correct I basically can:

- make sure my meshes/ models (X files) include also binormals and tangents

- change my vertex declaration

- check if everything keeps working

- dive into the normal mapping theory from there

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