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The Moldy Crow

Does Puzzle-Platformer mean anything anymore? [X-post from game design]

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I just recently got hired to market a game that, thank god, actually contains some original thinking. 


tl;dr is in bold


The roadblock I've hit is that it's a unique puzzle platformer. The genre has exploded recently and you can do so many different things with it that, to me, the words are almost meaningless.


So my question is twofold. 


First, what is your gut reaction when you read puzzle-platformer in a game's promotional copy, there are no wrong answers. 


Second, and assuming you had to pick, when reading an elevator pitch, is brevity and engaging language more likely to get you to read on, or are you okay with a few more words that accurately describe what the hell you'll be playing?


The thing to remember is that this isn't what you like to see on principle. I'm asking which, historically, has attracted your attention more. 

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