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Spooky Heroes : Released on Steam !

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Hi all !

Edit : Steam page here !
I'm currently working on a 2D platformer named Spooky Heroes. Here are the main features :
- Several unique heroes. each with 4 unique powers.
- Story & Survival modes
- Boss with unique tactics
- Quests & rewards
- Money & useable objects
- Day & night cycle, more dangerous by night, but more rewards
- Traps here and there
- 2 players in local
Here is a preview of the game :
Website : http://www.spooky-heroes.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gaweb-Studio/496864437078250
Twitter : https://twitter.com/GawebStudio
There is an alpha available on the website but I need to update it with the latest version.
I'm trying to find ways to promote the game online as well as searching for a sound designer to create the game music.
If you have any advices, let me know !


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Thanks for your return.

I didn't think about a run button, it's true it could had  some possibilities to the game, I'll think about it (the problem being that all buttons are already used on a gamepad, might need some arrangements)


I forgot to ask about the biggest english forums for indies to present their project. Since I mostly promoted on french forums, I don't have much information about the english indie community.

if you'd be so kind as to give me some tips about it, that would be really helpful !


Thanks again !


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Version 0.2 out !

What's new ?
Graphics :
    Improved graphics
    Parallax effect added to background

Gameplay :
    Added charged attack
    Added 3rd hit combo
    Added finisher move when ennemies are knocked down

Misc :
    Added customizable keyboard
    Added message to enable gamepad
    Reviewed dynamic tutorial

    Corrected a bug when player died during a boss, events would no longer trigger.

Try the alpha :


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Hi all !
Some news about the game ([URL="http://spooky-heroes.com/weekly-news/"]original here[/URL]):

- Water elemental in sight as well as the underwater timer. Find air pockets before drowning!

- If you're not a good swimmer, use the boat. But beware goblins ambush and barricades ! Blast through them with your canon !

- And here is a quick glance at the first mountain stage

Next public version should be available by the end of the week.

Stay tuned !


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Hi all !

It took me more time than expected but here is the new version.



Download : Windows V0.3

What's new ?
Content :
  • 3 new stages
    • River
    • Mountain
    • Mountain Village
  • 4 new ennemies
    • Water elemental
    • Plant spitter
    • Plant spreader
    • Orc
  • 1 new boss
    • Plant Queen
  • 1 new building
    • The bank
  • 1 new quest
  • 2 new mechanisms
    • Underwater
    • Bumpshrooms
  • 1 vehicle
    • The boat
  • Food can be carried and used later as a normal item
  • Red potion removed
  • Optimized monsters spawn
  • Doubled heroes max life
  • More stuff I can't recall at all !
I'm currently looking for beta tester to try the game and point out any bug encountered.
Besides this, there are also answers I would need :
  • How long did you need to finish this version (when reaching the 2 village) ?
  • How about the difficulty ? Is it too hard or too easy ?
  • What do you think of the current boss ?
  • Who's your favorite hero so far and why ?
If some people would be so kind as to answer those, it would help me greatly to improve the game.
Important notice : I know stages lack a lot in content and decor, they will be added later on. Bosses design will also be reworked later on.

I'm currently working on the next champion, the summoner as well as its own quest.

More information later in the week !

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This game is really good. I was having a lot of fun until I lost all my coins, slowly regained them, and then couldn't figure out what to do with them :P



I did notice minor graphical errors. I could sometimes see lines where the ground tiles met. 


Anywaysm great job. This game has a lot of potential


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Thanks for the comment :p

For the graphical errors, I noticed it too but it seems to come from the software directly. I'll check what I can do.


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Yop all !

Almost 2 months without news. Quite busy lately but I'm back !

The new 0.4 version offers quite a few novelty :

2 new heroes :
- Summoner : Has8 summon points and can summon elementals. By casting the same spell, if the elemental is alive, he becomes stronger and unlock powers. The max level is 5 meaning a summoner can have 4 elementals lvl 2 or 2 elementals lvl 4 or any combination reaching an amount of 8 summon points.
- Mage : Has all elemental powers (except lvl 5 powers) and his lvl 5 power allows him to switch between elements.

2 new enemies :
- Air elemental : Zap, Slow, Speed et Storm
- Fire elemental : Fireball, Fire walk, Fire shield, Flame thrower

2 updated enemies :
- Earth elemental : Rock throw, Body slam, Body crush, Boulder crush
- Water elemental : Ice ball, Ice spikes, Ice shield, Mass heal

1 new boss :
- Minotaur : Beware his charge and axe !

1 updated boss :
- Plant Queen: Each head is now separate and has its own life.

2 new stages :
- Mountain 2 : Classic stage with new trap
- Maze : Find the good lever order to escape from the maze

1 new trap :
- Fire spitter :  Throw fireballs.

2 new mechanisms :
- Pressure trap : Trigger a trap when the player steps on it.
- Falling platform : The platform falls when a player steps on it and goes back to its original position when the player leaves it.

Controls :
- The "Jump" key on the keyboard has been separated from the "Up" key to avoid control problems.
- The "Jump" key now enables all panels in game (quest, map, discussions, tutorial...).

Optimization :
- Animations have been reviewed to lighten the game size.
- Monsters are now disabled when outside of the screen for more than 5 sec, to optimize game performances.
- Summons are now teleported back to their summoner when they are out of screen for more then 5 sec.

Bug corrections :
- Quest "Rheumatisms" has been corrected (The 3 plants were at the stage entrance)

And many more stuff I forgot about !

Download the new version [URL=http://www.spooky-heroes.com/Spooky_Heroes.zip]by clicking here ![/URL]

Once more, stages are quite empty, I'll fill them later. Also, more quests will be added later to extend game lifespan.

Have a nice day !


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I was on to try it, but then as soon as it started, a tutorial got stuck in the screen forever.. ruined it for me :p when its fixed let me know ^^


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Strange, another player had a the same trouble. Did you press the "Jump" key to close the tutorial panel ? ("R" key by default)


I will add a text to help beginners on this.


Sorry about that !


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A few previews of the novelties

The summoner and its elementals:

The mage and its 4 elemental colors:

The minotaur :


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Hi all !

The new version is out !
I decided to add the powers details in the changelog to show readers that the game is a little more than a classic platform game and has many tricks to offer with each characters.

As always, the new version is available on the website :

or direct link : Click here

I'm still looking for testers to check out the game and give me some feedback !

And don't hesitate to follow me on facebook or twitter of you're interested in the game since it'll give me more visibility !


v0.5 changelog :

1 new hero :
- Minstrel : Ranged, piercing arrow, charm arrow, stun trap, homing arrows, low life

4 new enemies :
- Triton trident : Melee, weapon throw, thrust, explosion
- Triton harpoon : Ranged, piercing throw, thrust, stun trap
- Assassin : Melee, daggers throw, thrust, stun hit, back stab
- Ranger : Ranged, piercing arrow, damage trap, stun trap

2 new bosses :
- The Eye : Avoid and use his missile against him
- The Ball : Balls bouncing everywhere ! Do not drown !

3 new stages :
- River 2 : Big and slow paced stage. Don't forget to breath !
- Forest 2 : Use wheels and boards to climb to the top !
- Tree : Use the flyform to reach the top ! Beware spikes and fireballs !

1 new vehicle :
- Flyform : Ever wanted to fly ?

1 new mechanism :
- Wheel board : Four boards rotating around a wheel

1 new tileset :
- The tree

11 new powers :
- Weapon throw : Middle ranged attack hurting the first enemy
- Thrust : Middle ranged dash hurting all enemy touched
- Piercing throw : Long range piercing attack hurting all enemies touched
- Stun trap : Place a trap on the floor triggered when an enemy touch it. Stuns the enemy.
- Daggers throw : Double long range attack hurting the first enemy
- Stun hit : Short range attack stunning the enemy
- Back stab : Short range attack with huge damage. Only work from behind (Both characters facing the same direction)
- Piercing arrow : Long range piercing attack hurting all enemies touched
- Damage trap : Place a trap on the floor triggered when an enemy touch it. Hurts the enemy.
- Charm arrow : Long range attack which make the first enemy touched your minion
- Homing arrows : Full scale attack with high damage targeting all visible enemies

Items :
- Can now carry several items at the same time
- Items are now stackable up to 5 of each
- Lowered all items price

Bug correction :
- Corrected a bug when dying while falling, camera would not follow and revive items would bug
- Optimized images once more to improve performance

Misc :
- Can now interact with exits instead of triggering exits on touch
- Added some battle shout to enemies
- Added a few signboards to give boss strategy hint any global hints
- Quest and tutorial panels are now automatically resized to the match the text size
- Increased contrast between foreground and background in forest stages


Preview images :
Minstrel : minstrel.png
Triton trident : tritonTrident.png
Triton harpoon : tritonHarpoon.png
Assassin : assassin.png
Ranger : ranger.png
The Eye : eye.png
The ball : ball.png
Flyform : flyform.png

Edited by Daedolon

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Hi all,

A new version is available. This one focus more on the graphics and bugs than adding contents. Moreover, in this version, I decided to enable all heroes and all stages right at the start so testers can try them out and give me feedback about them since it can be quite long to unlock all of them.

If you are interested in the game or want to help a newcomer, don't hesitate to give this version a try and give me some feedback !

Click here to download it !


Changelog v0.6

1 new stage :
- Village 3

1 new quest :
- Flyform race

6 new items :
- Waterbreathing Potion : Breath underwater for one stage
- Torch : Double light size for one stage
- Rope : Instantly escape from stage
- Mana Potion : Refresh all CDs
- Bumpshroom dust : High jump once
- Time scroll : Start next time cycle

Graphics :
- Invulnerability visual and icon updated
- Explosion power visual and icon updated
- Plant Queen visual updated
- Forest backgrounds updated
- Flyform visual updated
- Lit torches visual updated
- Updated bomb explosion visual
- Updated heal zone visual

Sounds :
- Added chest opening sound
- Added door opening sound
- Added torch sound
- Added potion drink sound
- Added bomb wick sound
- Added bomb explosion sound
- Added boulder explosion sound
- Added wolf howl when night falls
- Added rooster sound when morning rise

Misc :
- Bombs explode faster
- Added game difficulties :
   - Easy : Enemies life 50%, Enemies reaction speed 100%, Enemies level 1 and 2 (75/25%)
   - Normal : Enemies life 100%, Enemies reaction speed 100%, Enemies level 1, 2, 3 and 4 (40/30/20/10%)
   - Hard : Enemies life 150%, Enemies reaction speed 200%, Enemies level 2, 3, 4 and 5 (40/30/20/10%)

Corrections :
- Added torches in Forest 2
- Corrected minor text errors
- Corrected a bug with the spikes not being solid
- Corrected a bug when tutorial panel appeared, player could still move


Preview :



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Hi all !


No update of the game yet even though some stuff has changed.


No, today, I'm here with an announcement !

Spooky Heroes will be released for Alpha funding on Desura !

Check out the game's page : Click here !


As to why I proceed like this, it's mainly because I noticed a few players are willing to pay for an alpha if they think the game is worth it, and more than that, a customer who paid the game will be more inclined to give feedback (or insults) about the game, which would allow me to improve it !


So if you feel like supporting this game, don't hesitate to help me !

I'm planning to try to release the game on GoG and Steam too but I would like to perfect the game first with Desura !


Finally, I have updated the game video to make it look like more professional : Check it out here !


I hope you'll enjoy this news as much as I do !


Have a nice day !


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Hi all,

Been a long time since last update. I've been quite busy with other projects but I have more time now and decided to improve the game immersion. It'll still take me more time to release the next version but I wanted to share what's going on in the project and show it's not dead at all !

In order to improve the overall feeling of the game and keep it as simple as possible with a little cartoon feeling, I decided to change the way menu is displayed as well as working on the game story. To do that, I created a story book which will contain all menus as well as display the story. Another thing added are vignettes giving the feeling of paper cut drawings which are then used to illustrate the story and draw the world map. Here are a few screenshot of the result so far :




I'm also working on changing the way heroes interact with NPC to give more life to dialogs as well as adding an achievement system for players who wishes to track their accomplishments.I also have a few more ideas to improve the game content and you should see the result in the next few weeks hopefully.

The game is available in alpha funding on Desura for those who didn't know (click here). I didn't have time to communicate about it and wanted to improve the game before starting but well, here is an opportunity to do it.

Hope you'll give it a try !


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Hi all !

Eight months without news. Quite a long time for such a small project. I've been quite busy with work and it left me little time/motivation to work on the game. One good side of such a situation is that it gives time to think about what needs to be done in the game.

And now that I found some time to work on it, I've been able to finish the next version of the game. This version mainly concentrates on adding new powers to enemies as well as adding decors to the game which was too empty to my taste. I still have some work to do on the graphics to improve them a little but I think I reached the visual feeling I wanted. The game now has a Spookyedia to allow player to check all enemies and boss powers after the first encounter. I also added a small story book as an introduction. Still need to work on the text though...

The new version is only available for Windows at the moment and still uses the alpha fund system of Desura. I'll add a free demo version next year for those of you who have not had the opportunity to try it.


Here is the changelog for version 0.8 :

Enemies reviewed :

Gobelin :

Passive : Clumsy - Sometimes hit itself with basic attacks

Power 1 : Rock Throw - Throw a rock bouncing 3 times

Power 2 : Glue Ball - Throw a ball slowing enemies

Power 3 : Boomerang - Throw a boomerang which returns to its owner after a short time

Power 4 : Smash - Heavy swing with high damage which stuns the target

Gobelin archer :

Passive : Clumsy

Power 1 : Rock Throw

Power 2 : Damage trap - Lay a trap damagin the first enemy touching it

Power 3 : Triple shot - Shoot 3 fast arrows

Power 4 : Volley - Shoot 5 arrows in the air

Orc :

Passive : Berserk - Deals 200% with basic attacks when below 30% life

Power 1 : Shield Bash - Dash with shield knocking down enemies

Power 2 : Axe Throw - Throw an axe

Power 3 : Warcry - Shout to self boost attack

Power 4 : Smash

Skeleton :

Passive : Auto revive - 25% to revive with 50% upon taking fatal damage

Power 1 : Life steal - Throw a skull damaging the target and healing the caster

Power 2 : Bonerang - Throw a bonerang which returns to its owner after a short time

Power 3 : Skull Mine - Place a skull on ground which explode when enemy touches it

Power 4 : Pain Shield - Create a shield around the caster which damages enemy when attacked with a basic attack

Triton Harpoon :

Passive : Water immune - Immune to water damage and breath undeer water

Power 1 : Weapon Throw - Throw its weapon

Power 2 : Thrust - Dash forward with a piercing thrust

Power 3 : Explosion - Unleash and explosion around the caster, knocking down enemies

Power 4 : Whirlwind - Launch a whirlwind which damage and knock up enemies

Triton Spear :

Passive : Water immune

Power 1 : Piercing Throw - Throw weapon which pierce through enemies

Power 2 : Thrust

Power 3 : Stun Trap - Place a trap which stuns the first enemy who touches it

Power 4 : Whirlwind

Ranger :

Passive: Quickness - Move faster

Power 1 : Piercing arrow - Shoot a piercing arrow

Power2 : Damage Trap

Power 3 : Stun trap

Power 4 : Volley

New enemy :

Orc Crossbow

Passive : Precision - 25% to deal 200% damage with basic attacks

Power 1 : Piercing Bolt

Power 2 : Double shot

Power 3 : Stun Trap

Power 4 : Headshot - One single shot with heavy damage

New feature :

Spookypedia : List all heroes, enemies and boss powers

Story Book : Display the story of the game

Stage update :

Maze : Added signpost to indicates the door and lever numbers to help finding the combination. Good luck ! biggrin.png

Graphic update :

Added decor to several stages

Edited by Daedolon

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Hi all !

Been quite busy the past months, got married, new job, created another small game but having some free time now, I resumed work on Spooky Heroes.

The game is available on Desura with alpha funding on Windows only :


Here are some preview :



Here is the changelog :

- 1 new map :
    - Swamp 1 : Inhabited by trolls. Beware toxic water and poison gaz
- 1 new hero :
    - Barbarian : Go full passive !
        - Battle frenzy : Move faster the more you attack
        - Carnage : Deal more damage the more you attack
        - Blood Lust : Drain life on successful hit
        - Second Wind : Once per stage, can revive automatically instead of dying
        - Berserk : 200% damage on basic attack when below 30% life
- 3 new enemies :
    - Troll Shaman :
        - Fireball
        - Heal Zone
        - Summon air elemental
        - Bite : Damage the first enemy hit and heal the same amount
        - Regeneration : Passively regenerate 2% life each second
    - Troll Warrior :
        - Mace Throw
        - Ki
        - Weapon Explosion
        - Bite
        - Regeneration
    - Poisonous Plant :
        - Poison Gaz : release a poison gaz upon death
- 1 new boss :
    - Troll King :
        - Call Reinforcements : Summon trolls to defend their king
        - King Aura : Invincible while allies are nearby
- 3 new music :
    - World map
    - Underwater
    - Swamp
- Reviewed water graphics
- Corrected several bugs

- Optimized all stages


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Hi everybody,

I've been working hard on the game for the past weeks. The highlight of this new version are the new survival mode appearing in the game. This should extend the game life a little. Also, the new hero ultimate will allow the player to control any humanoid in the game ! A lot of new power to test for all of them ! Finally, the (fat) baby dragon will allow you to ride him and fly freely with a small ice ball for weapon.

I also planned all the remaining stage : 3 deserts, 1 mountain and 1 village. I expect to finish them in 1 or 2 week and will try my luck on Steam Greenlight. I hope to have your support !



- Graphic overhaul here and there

- Bug corrections

- New survival mode for 1 or 2 players with 2 actual version :
1) Cooperation : Player 1 and 2 must survive has many waves as possible
2) Competition : Player 2 can control any monster and must kill player 1.

- 1 new biome : Snow stages

- 5 new stages :
1) Swamp 2 : Classic swamp stage with poison water and traps.
2) River 3 : Cross the river on a raft. Do not fall in the poison water ! Attack barricades to detonate them and move forward.
3) Snow 1 : Discover dragons, either as a boss or a ride !
4) Snow 2 : Watch your step on icy floor as you jump from summit to summit !
5) Village 4 : Buy new useful items there

- 1 new hero : The Ninja
    Melee attack
    Shuriken : Throw 2 shurikens
    Clone : Create a clone to help your for 15 sec
    Invisibility : Becomes invisible and critical hit on first strike
    Possession : Control the first enemy touched !
    Swift (passive) : 25% chance to dodge attacks

- 2 new enemies :
    Yeti Brawler :
         Melee attack
         Rock Throw
         Body Slam
         Boulder Crush
         Heavy Hitter (passive) : 25% chance to stun with basic attack
    Yeti Mage :
         Melee Attack
         Ice Spikes
         Ice Ball
         Ice Shield
         Boulder Crush
         Heavy Hitter

- 3 new items :
1) Dragon Egg : Summon a baby dragon to ride near dragon nests
2) Dragon scale : Repair 50% of your armor if you have any
3) Bone key : Open bone gates

- 1 new mechanism :
1) Icy floor : Watch your steps on it !

- 2 new rides :
1) Raft : Same as a boat but no cannon...
2) Baby Dragon : More stable than the flyform and can use ice ball !

- 2 new boss :
1) Blob, the goo spitter : Dodge his spits !
2) Tyrant, the dragon lord : It's getting hot !

- 1 new quest : Dragon Bounty (to unlock Ninja hero)


And some screen to finish :



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Hi everybody !

With a last push, Spooky Heroes reached a release version !

A lot has been added :

- Bug corrections
- 3 new stages : Desert 1, 2 and 3
- 1 new village
- 2 new enemies : Crusader & Zealot
- 3 new boss : Baby Djinn, Walleye and the secret last boss
- 3 new items : Lava potion, Revive Potion and Poison potion
- Mobs spawn is now random
- Rift now randomly spawns, blocking the player progression until defeated. Rifts summons enemies until destroyed.
- Boulders now randomly fall from the ceiling
- More than 15 new quests
- 3 new survival maps
- New traps : lava and lava geysers

Here are some captures :

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Hi everybody !

The Steam Greenlight page for the game has been created and your vote would be a HUGE help for the game !

If you think my work on Spooky Heroes is worth something, your vote would be really appreciated and helpful !

Vote for Spooky Heroes here !

Thanks to all of you !

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