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Spooky Heroes : Released on Steam !

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Hi all !

Edit : Steam page here !
I'm currently working on a 2D platformer named Spooky Heroes. Here are the main features :
- Several unique heroes. each with 4 unique powers.
- Story & Survival modes
- Boss with unique tactics
- Quests & rewards
- Money & useable objects
- Day & night cycle, more dangerous by night, but more rewards
- Traps here and there
- 2 players in local
Here is a preview of the game :
Website : http://www.spooky-heroes.com
Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/pages/Gaweb-Studio/496864437078250
Twitter : https://twitter.com/GawebStudio
There is an alpha available on the website but I need to update it with the latest version.
I'm trying to find ways to promote the game online as well as searching for a sound designer to create the game music.
If you have any advices, let me know !

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Thanks for your return.

I didn't think about a run button, it's true it could had  some possibilities to the game, I'll think about it (the problem being that all buttons are already used on a gamepad, might need some arrangements)


I forgot to ask about the biggest english forums for indies to present their project. Since I mostly promoted on french forums, I don't have much information about the english indie community.

if you'd be so kind as to give me some tips about it, that would be really helpful !


Thanks again !

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Version 0.2 out !

What's new ?
Graphics :
    Improved graphics
    Parallax effect added to background

Gameplay :
    Added charged attack
    Added 3rd hit combo
    Added finisher move when ennemies are knocked down

Misc :
    Added customizable keyboard
    Added message to enable gamepad
    Reviewed dynamic tutorial

    Corrected a bug when player died during a boss, events would no longer trigger.

Try the alpha :

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Hi all !
Some news about the game (original here):

- Water elemental in sight as well as the underwater timer. Find air pockets before drowning!

- If you're not a good swimmer, use the boat. But beware goblins ambush and barricades ! Blast through them with your canon !

- And here is a quick glance at the first mountain stage

Next public version should be available by the end of the week.

Stay tuned !

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Hi all !

It took me more time than expected but here is the new version.



Download : Windows V0.3

What's new ?
Content :
  • 3 new stages
    • River
    • Mountain
    • Mountain Village
  • 4 new ennemies
    • Water elemental
    • Plant spitter
    • Plant spreader
    • Orc
  • 1 new boss
    • Plant Queen
  • 1 new building
    • The bank
  • 1 new quest
  • 2 new mechanisms
    • Underwater
    • Bumpshrooms
  • 1 vehicle
    • The boat
  • Food can be carried and used later as a normal item
  • Red potion removed
  • Optimized monsters spawn
  • Doubled heroes max life
  • More stuff I can't recall at all !
I'm currently looking for beta tester to try the game and point out any bug encountered.
Besides this, there are also answers I would need :
  • How long did you need to finish this version (when reaching the 2 village) ?
  • How about the difficulty ? Is it too hard or too easy ?
  • What do you think of the current boss ?
  • Who's your favorite hero so far and why ?
If some people would be so kind as to answer those, it would help me greatly to improve the game.
Important notice : I know stages lack a lot in content and decor, they will be added later on. Bosses design will also be reworked later on.

I'm currently working on the next champion, the summoner as well as its own quest.

More information later in the week !

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