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SoLoud Audio Engine release

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Sol_HSA    258

I've just released a new version of SoLoud, a free, easy to use, portable c/c++ audio engine for games.


Downloads and plenty of documentation can be found at:


Basically I was looking for an audio solution, and the free ones I found lacked features I needed, and the commercial ones, well, are commercial. So I figured it can't be too difficult and rolled my own. And then kept working on it. The current release has been under construction for about four months.



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That's really cool; thanks for releasing it!


I've looked over the FAQs, and scanned through the documentation, but because I'm not an audio guy I don't understand audio-related terms.

Does the library currently support playing sounds partially in one headphone ear/speaker, and partially in the other? (Is that the one called Soloud.setPan()/fadePan()?)

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