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Suppose i have a really cool, 37 issue long atricle that I want to be published online at gamedev. Is it possible for the GDStaff to make a column in the Programming section for it??

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The apatiraEngineTECH Column TOC:

Issue 01- Introduction
Issue 02- apatiraWater
Issue 03- apatiraLights I
Issue 04- apatiraProcedureTextures
Issue 05- apatiraLandscape
Issue 06- apatiraLights II
Issue 07- apatiraShadows
Issue 08- apatiraParticles
Issue 09- apatiraBuffer
Issue 10- apatiraBones
Issue 11- apatiraAnimations
Issue 12- [Guest Writer?]
Issue 13- apatira3DData
Issue 14- apatiraLensflares
Issue 15- apatiraBlur
Issue 16- apatiraFire
Issue 17- apatiraBlobs
Issue 18- apatiraDust
Issue 19- apatiraBubblesSmoke
Issue 20- apatiraFPJ
Issue 21- apatiraLightMapping
Issue 22- apatiraVolcanoes
Issue 23- [Guest Writer?]
Issue 24- apatiraRCE
Issue 25- apatiraSoftwareRasterization I
Issue 26- apatiraSoftwareRasterization II
Issue 27- apatiraSoftwareRasterization III
Issue 28- apatiraSoftwareRasterization IV
Issue 29- apatiraSoftwareRasterization V
Issue 30- apatiraSoftwareRasterization VI
Issue 31- apatiraSoftwareRasterization VII
Issue 32- apatiraSoftwareRasterization VIII
Issue 33- apatiraSoftwareRasterization IX
Issue 34- apatiraSoftwareRasterization X
Issue 35- Starfields [Guest Writer (Taken)]
Issue 36- Conclusion and ApatiraEngine Demo
Bonus Issue- Creating Realistic Terrains via Procedural Textures

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I already have the first 7 issues complete >

-Uthman Apatira

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Sure, we can make room for your column. We don''t turn authors down to be honest, just about anybody can contribute their article to the community. Send an email to with details of the series. Thanks.

Sounds like a great progression for the series by the way.

Michael Tanczos

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