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Unity Testing tools for SDK GUI Functions?

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Hey Guys, I'm kind of jumping into territory I am not to familiar with here and I'm looking to do some functionality testing for a SDK toolset. 


Basically to illustrate what I will be testing, it is a toolset that is kind of like the StarCraft II map maker. Closer to the Unity Engine Studio than an actual game. Like the Unity studio this software has a "Game-View" render of the game-space you are working on, so this game space is rendered by OpenGL or D3D, based on the system you are using. What I want to test for is how new features in the studio are affecting the render space.


The way I've thought to approach the problem is to use a GUI-Testing library, and some-kind of graphics intercept tool to see how functions within the studio manipulate the render space. I looked at the Wikipedia article for GUI testing tools (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_GUI_testing_tools) and I will be going with QAliber due to the fact that this platform is very compatible with my development environment. The thing I'm not certain about is what things to test for when adding new features. Is trying to intercept graphics calls a good way to test this assuming that every new feature added is going to manipulate the render-space somehow, or should I think a little more high level? And are there any tools you can recommend for intercepting the calls to the Graphics API? I tried to use GLIntercept, but due to the way the studio is implemented, all of my files are verified before launch, so manipulating the Opengl32.dll file wasn't working properly for security reasons.


So in the end, am I asking the right questions for testing a GUI Studio-like toolset, similar to the Unity Engine developer tools? And are there any good Graphics API Interceptors that you could suggest that are not very intrusive, and require minimal manipulation due to security systems?


Thanks all. Feel free to tell me that I am approaching this problem completely wrong, as I would like to hear that before I embark in the wrong direction.




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