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StarDiver AI - Feedback Please?

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friken    140

Hello All,


I've been working hard on the AI for a spaceship in my game, StarDiver. The game is similar to the old StarControl, StarFlight type games with battles being 1 on 1 melee duals. The goal is to have each ship in the game very unique in play style. The first ship I have the AI programmed for is the sundagger. It has two attacks and gets it's energy from the sun. Primary (left mouse) is a laser. You can diver through the start to recharge lasers and if you go through the center you pull plasma with you and secondary attack is to launch that plasma at the enemy. 




The game engine is still quite early development, but I'd love feedback specific to the ship AI. I'm a bit too close and I cant really get a good feel for:


1. Is the AI too easy, too hard? Since I programmed it I find it a bit easy.

2. Is the AI fun to fight? Granted the player is flying the same ship type so I would guess it will be a lot more fun when a variety of ships are available to select from.... ie pick the best ship against a given foe.

3. anything the AI should be doing that it is not? Currently it attacks, disengages and dives in sun when energy low, dodges when hit. 



Live VERY EARLY build:

Controls: Arrowkeys or WASD for forward/back/strafe and ship follows mouse cursor. right-click fire
Ship: SunDagger, dive through the star to recharge. Dive through center to pull plasma to launch at the enemy with right mouse button.

Webplayer REZ 1600x900:


If the Webplayer is slow, Windows Build w/ resolution and quality options:


Thanks in advance for any feedback:

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