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Brad    122
Hi, I just wanted to resuggest that a tools forum be created here. I suggested this a few weeks ago and one of the webmasters thought that it was a good idea and said he would implement it. Well nothing ever came of it so I just thought that I would issue a reminder. Tools are a very important part of game development and I think that having a forum dedicated to their creation and use would be very beneficial. I also have another suggestion for a possible forum. Create a place for us to go and talk about the projects that we are currently working on. For example let''s say i put something cool in my game and I''m proud of myself and I want to share my progress with some one who might care... I can''t tell my parents or my girlfriend or even most of my friends because in all honesty they don''t understand what the hell I''m talking about most of the time and even if they do they see what the big deal is! So having a place on the internet to run to might be nice. Plus it would give the people who post here a little better insight into what everyone is doing and would maybe prompt some e-mail or ICQ friendships amoung some of the amature developers who post here. Just a suggestion.

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