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Presenting our game: Mobs

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Mobs is an Adventure Role-playing mobile game currently in development by KIDE Entertainment
The game involves a virtual pet which the player creates from scratch and then accompanies through various adventures, battles, and mysteries.




The world of Mobs is set on the course for destruction by a mysterious corruption. The tales tell of a stranger fighting against it alongside a Mob, and that stranger is you.
Start an epic journey to unravel the mysteries surrounding the world of Mobs and fight the corruption plaguing the world and its creatures.

Shape - your very own Mob pet monster starting by deciding on its body-type, elemental type, nature and eyes.

Fight - against various monsters including randomly-generated enemies, unique bosses, and other players in this thrilling turn-based combat.

Evolve - your Mob to new heights by giving it spikes, scales, horns, fur, or even magical attunements! Get creative!

Discover - the crazy world of Mobs! When you're out adventuring a random event may occur at any time! You may run into a crazy scientist, or lost treasure. Who knows?!

Relax - by spending some time doing various activities with your Mob.



These screenshots are really early and may not be representative of the final product.




We hope you like this first taste of what we're working on, be sure to leave comments and questions below! We're open to suggestions, and we'd be glad to have the community more involved in the development of this game! biggrin.png


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Nice game arts!!!!!

How lovely those characters are!

I'm glad you like it! smile.png I should soon have some more early screenshots to share with you guys!


Looks great! Is this coming to iOS? :)And i'm just curious, how big is your team or are you working alone on this?

Thank you! We're definitely bringing this over to iOS. ^^ No, not working alone thankfully! smile.png  We're a small team of 4 members: Two game designers, one programmer, and one graphics designer.

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Cool! Really looking forward to seeing more about this! smile.png


Here's the little update and screenshots that I promised :) The basic mechanics of the turn-based combat are starting to be in place!




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The progress has been smooth and you might be already familiar with the desert background from the previous screenshots. This time we're showing you a screenshot of one of the many other areas you can adventure and battle in!





What do you think? Be sure to leave comments and questions below :)

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Love the detail on the forest scene!


Thank you! It's really nice to hear that it looks pleasing! :)


If you're curious to know what's been going on recently: We now have yet another background ready!






In addition to this, you might notice that our fine mob here is wearing a fedora. You might ask why. Well, it was carried by the chilly mountain winds and it happened to land on his head. Other possible explanation is that the player has amazing fashion sense and placed it there.. Yes, we have equipable head items working now! :)


And as always, leave comments, feedback and questions below!

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