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Balancing a turn-based strategy

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Hi! smile.png


My all-time favorite turn-based RPG is Sinjid SOTW. I think it has a very unique feel, because there is no single killer build, but many. Out of 4 stats, you can chose any as your main - because the skills allow you to. Str will allow you to increase direct damange and equip more powerful weapons, and there's also a skill that does damage that scales with str. Speed will allow you to evade the enemy and be more accurate yourself, and there's also a skill that scales with speed. Same for HP/MP.

The best part is that this flexibility doesn't compromise power - all builds can be equally powerful, but with extremely different equipment and playstyles. You can literally chose any skill as your main, raise it to it's max level, get proper gear and make sure you get your stats right - and you can easily beat the game.


Most bots in Sinjid are very similar to each other - high HP and low damage(relatively to the player). Some have shields, some don't. This fact makes the possible builds even more effective - because most of them focus on dealing massive damage. They're not so fun for PvP, however. Well, not  without some significant changes.


The thing is I want to make a PvP game that feels like Sinjid, but the current system isn't gonna work - the skills are just too powerful(even the heal - after 3 SP, it can heal a whopping 49% hp). There are a few different ways to go about this - I could, for example, increase the player's HP or lower their damage to make them more bot-like. I could nerf the skills. I could even go as far as introducing a cooldown system like Krin did in his later games(Sonny and Sonny 2).



tl;dr - How do I re-balance Sinjid's system so that it's fit for PvP, without sacrificing any of the flexibility and the good feel(for being powerful) that it grants?



Thanks in advance ph34r.png

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