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GLink - Connect your games [ADVERTISING WEBSITE]

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Good morning to everyone,


First of all i'd like to introduce myself. My name is Ângelo and i am from Portugal. Together with some friends i recently started a project that i would like to share with you all. Project GLink.


Project GLink is a plataform made for devs to gamers. What is this? Imagine 2 points:


You are a developer, you've made a game and you want some opinions and feedback about it or you simply have it completed and perfectionated and want to share it to the world. There is no problem then, you talk with us and we put your game in our website and share it to the world. You have a comment box, a forum and above all.. A community. As a developer you have the chance to interact either with the normal gamer OR with another devs who can give you feedback and even advices! 


Now imagine yourself as a gamer, you just want to play but you also have some interest in sharing with the dev some points, like "that boss is too hard! even impossible!" you can give that feedback with the dev. You enjoy a game alot? No problem, you can just rate it and the other users can see the top most rated games! :) You want to know what's behind the games that you play? Well of course, absolutely no problem. There will be article in which you can read and learn about a game programming. 


Currently we are starting out the project and we'd like some feedback, what do you think of this? Would you be glad to join this type of community?



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