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Stavros Dimou

Confused between genres. How much depth is enough ?

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Hello dear people!

I've started working on a project on Unity and I've started doing a game that would take some elements from a number of different games that I like,and fuse them to give something that initially thought would be awesome. I do this by myself,using royalty free art files I find on the web,at least as placeholders.

After I started working having some basic ideas on my mind about the general direction that I want the game to take,I've come to the point where I made the conclusion that I'll have to add something more than those features I had initially thought would make a game awesome,but with this game as it turns out to be a mix of elements from a variety of different games,means that its genre is not specified. It actually has elements from many genres.

Imagine it like something between Zeldas (Action Adventure), and Hack and Slash / Dungeon Crawler games like Titan Quest or Diablo 2.

The basic idea is having the player in an a geographically varied overworld that acts as a hub world for the dungeons.

It's main aspects that I believe players will enjoy are the thematic Dungeons,and exploring the overworld. Regarding the exploration aspect, I took the decision to implement a top-down 3rd persion camera ala Diablo 2 and the NES Zelda,so the player won't be able to see the whole overworld map from just standing at some place.

So having dungeon crawling being on the spotlight with exploration on a secondary role,I come up confused as to what to do for the fillers.

In the beggining I had thought of just having the player play only the dungeons and not including a hub world for them,but I decided to do that time consuming work because I thought it would worth it.


So I want to keep action controlls (WASD or Analogue Stick) and real time combat (pushing A on the controller directly attacks) like Action Adventure games,but at the same time I want the game to have some more 'mature' tone and be somewhat more complex than that.

The thing is that typical Hack and Slash games incorporate things like Leveling Systems,Skills,and all that stuff,and I think it would get too complicated for what I would want it to be.


So the question is which way should I look for ? The simpler Action Game,or the deeper Hack&Slash style for something to fill up and support the main gameplay which is fighting monsters,exploring new places and solving puzzles ?

Or to make the question more simple: How much depth is enough ?

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Most, if not all, games use parts of different genres.

You should focus on what you wish to present to the player.

Maybe watch this vid from extra credits:

How much depth is enough ?

Quite a lot of depth will be enough to satisfy every player, but some will only want to touch the surface of your game,
make sure they 're still capable of playing through your game.

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