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Felix D

Your favorite Game Engine

11 posts in this topic

Hey guys,


at first: i'm new to this forum and if my question, or discussion, is off-topic, feel free to move it to the right place. I thought Game Programming is the best place because i need the opinion of game developers, skilled or new to it doesn't matter.


second: a quick search in this forum (seriously, just 5 minutes or so) didn't gave me the answer I'm searching for, that's why i open this topic! So please don't comment with "google it" or anything like this. It's not target-aimed to my goal. wink.png


Now to my discussion point:
For my Bachelor Thesis I'm currently writing at, I need to find the communities favorites game engine. For that reason i ask you: What is your favorite Game Engine and why? I'm not necesseraly interested in which games are made with it. My interest in the developing part. But not only I'm interested in the engines you like, furthermore i would like to hear about your most hated engine and why you prefer the other one.

For example: 

"I like the Unity Engine because the 'Just-Hit-Save' function is really easy and fast to work with. I don't like the Unreal Engine because of this scripting thingy, it's terrible. Also Unity offers more features than Unreal and it's easier/faster to work with them"

I would enjoy reading more complex and detailed answers, this example is ok, but quite short biggrin.png


That's it. Let the discussion begin smile.png


Greetz, Napp :)


FYI: english is (obviously) not my native language, please don't be a too big grammar nazi biggrin.png tongue.png

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I think the reason why you didn't immediately find an answer to your question is the fact that the answer isn't obvious to begin with.


There is no superior game engine. There is no game engine that is "the best", and there isn't a "favorite" game engine either.


A developer will select a game engine specific to his or her needs. For instance, if I wanted to write the next MMOFPS, I would most likely go with UDK, because that game engine is centered around first person game play. On the other hand, if I wanted to make an RPG, Unity might be a better choice.


Or maybe those engines aren't specialized enough for my new 3D RTS space simulator game, in which case I might choose Ogre3D for my graphics engine and write the game using C++.


The answer is: "it depends".


With that said, I suppose you could compare game engines that work on the same fields. For instance, SDL vs SFML for 2D graphics, or Ogre3D vs Irrlicht for 3D graphics. In these cases, it can come down to the biased opinion of the developer; I love Ogre3D and would choose it over Irrlicht. If I had to back this up with some form of justification, my arguments would be that development on Irrlicht has stopped, where Ogre3D is currently being brought up to speed to work with new generation graphics (Ogre 2.0), so the obvious choice would be Ogre.


Obviously there are engines that are terribly designed, but even they have their advantage when used correctly.


You'll be best off dividing the engines into their field of specialty, and comparing them on that basis.

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I understand your point and i should have seen such an answer coming biggrin.png


I know the answer in most of the cases is "it depends". 


You described one way of getting your game started or developing it. But there are enough Developer who build their game around there most favorite Engine, i.e. Unity.


But, maybe i can wrap my question around, so you can answer it the way i can use it biggrin.png

Let's say it is up to you which genre or game you have to develop. You have this awesome unique game-world-breaking idea, it is your favorite genre (i know, here could be a depend too :P ) and you want create just a prototype in a game engine to get it to a publisher or supporter. 

I know, there is a different between prototyping and developing of a game. In this case I set prototyping as the minimalistic development possible.


I hope you understand that wrapping in nearly that way i meant it :D :D


The whole context is more about which tool you like to use instead of which game you want to build. 

And don't get me wrong, i appreciate your answer, it's nevertheless an answer :D


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The whole context is more about which tool you like to use instead of which game you want to build.


I see, so you're basically asking what tool I've personally loved to work with the most, without any correlation to actual game content?


May I ask for your definition of a game engine? The term is very loosely defined, unfortunately, and I feel that I may end up providing answers you weren't looking for. For instance, Ogre3D is considered a "Game Engine" by some developers, but I feel you're looking more towards things like UDK and Unity.


I haven't worked enough with such high level tools to really form an opinion about them. I've used the StarCraft II campaign editor before, which basically is a front-end of an RTS game engine, but I don't have enough knowledge about others so I'm biased.


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For my Bachelor Thesis I'm currently writing at, I need to find the communities favorites game engine.


Do you?
What is the title of your Thesis?
The correct answer for this question is always going to be "The best one for the job.".   It may be that if you need to expand upon this in your Thesis or rework your thesis ito take this into consideration.


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May I ask for your definition of a game engine?

Sure. Problem is, i don't know if i can express myself that well. This should be no excuse, so i try it anyway biggrin.png

I define an engine as an piece of software that can be the base of many games. I know there are differences between engines like there is sand at a beach.

I mean, you can use the UDK for a RTS as well as for a MMOFPS. The difference is, that the RTS would never be as mighty and well designed as the MMOFPS. 


I see, so you're basically asking what tool I've personally loved to work with the most, without any correlation to actual game content?

Yeah, thats the spirit :D


I don't mean high-level engines in particularly, if you don't have any experience with them it's ok. So if Ogre3D is your favorite, it is your favorite, regardless if there are high-level engines that feature list is much bigger or anything.

It would be better if you had a bit experience, but it isn't that necessary :)


I think the confusion results in my writing. I had my most experiences in high-level engines so i think my writing showed that a bit too much :D


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For my Bachelor Thesis I'm currently writing at, I need to find the communities favorites game engine.


Do you?
What is the title of your Thesis?
The correct answer for this question is always going to be "The best one for the job.".   It may be that if you need to expand upon this in your Thesis or rework your thesis ito take this into consideration.



like i tried to say: i search for your favorite game developing tool, not the best one for the job! to this question should be no correct or incorrect answer. Any answer is nothing but an answer!


And my title is (i hope i translate that correct) at the moment: a technological valuation of project anarchy. maybe i change it to "a technological valuation of multi-plattform engines at the example of project anarchy" or something similar.

For that matter i need to find what most of the community likes and dislikes. For example 9 out of 10 comments like the CryEngine 3 and dislike Ogre3D (haha just for you Comet ;) :D ). That'll give me a frame in which i can put Project Anarchy. 


Hope you understand what I'm trying to explain :)


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Leadwerks, because it's very easy to program with, has amazing graphics with real-time lighting and doesn't force you to a certain style of game design.


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Torque 3D, open source, free and a heck of a great community with all kind of tricks and techniques. I also love TorqueScript's C like syntax. The Graphic is awesome as well. Also new things and features through add ons and new releases of new versions are popping up all the time(free as well as commercial). I also find the source code access very comfortable as I can change/add stuff(simple things such as physics and player data) from time to time. 


Also the engine just saw the version 3.5 release. 


What can I say, I am madly in love with Torque 3D MIT technology. 


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I really enjoy working with Unity, even the free version is excellent given the right context.


I don't really build any full games with Unity, but because of the efficient content pipeline prototyping game features is a very quick process.


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Love Game Maker simply because it got me started and got me to where I am today. What I enjoy working with the most right now though is unity...I find it extremely easy to prototype with unity.


Yes there is no superior engine but I do understand you are just looking for a preference.


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My very own game engine would be my favorite engine :-P It (nomlib) is my favorite primarily because of the fact that I know every square pixel of its codebase, thus I feel perfectly "at home" within.


To be fair: my other choice would be SFML and SDL.


A few of the strongest traits I desire in an API:

* simple and concise

* stay out of your way (I like the Unix philosophy of "doing one thing well" mentality, AKA modules/building blocks).

* written in C or C++

* open source or low-cost in terms of licensing


Unfortunately, my experience is still rather limited as I'm relatively new to gamedev.




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