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Sampling Textures in the domain shader. [solved]

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So I'm ready to try some displacement mapping in my project, and my domain shader is already something of a beast.


However, these lines of code:

	float4 rivColor = riverTextures.SampleLevel(samLinear,dout.RiverTexCoord,0.0f);
	position.y -= rivColor.r * 1.02;

Are absolutely KILLING my framerate. It's going from about 60 fps to 3 or 4 fps. sad.png


This vid card is not great, but something tells me I'm doing something wrong.


EDIT: Argggh, I didn't load the texture into my shader! I guess I need that.


EDIT2: Well, unfortunately I fixed that problem, and I can see my samples in the right place, but it is still destroying my framerate. I guess my question is, is texture sampling in a domain shader normally an extremely expensive operation?


EDIT3: So I took it home and tried it on a better vid card, with similar bad results. Not only is it terribly slow, but it bubbles and boils when the camera is moved. It's safe to say I do not have a proper scheme for mip selection, but why so slow?

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Ok, I figured it out. I forgot to set my sampler for the domain shader. Fixed that and my framerate went back up to where it was, phew!


I still have a whole lot of ugliness going on, but I have more work to do before I can ask intelligent questions.

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