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Help with my animation

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I have an animation which shows a circle going round a fixed point.


The circle is suppose to keep its line within the blue square no matter how large the circle becomes, but the larger it is the more offset it is and i have no idea how to correct for this....


See interactive example:



As you zoom in the (thus the circle is bigger), you will notice it is bouncing more and more out of the blue box, until eventually its miles off!


This is what i see:




How ever other people are seeing this:




It is not making much sense to me at the moment! I need help :(

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HI! I went ahead and looked at your jsfiddle in both chrome and firefox and noticed that:

In chrome, the offset becomes larger and larger the more you zoom in. This is what your first image is showing.

While in firefox, there's almost no offset what so ever. (the second image that other people are seeing)

So either your code isn't cross browser friendly (it appears to be fine). Or the browsers are just rendering the circle differently. In that case, theirs not much you can really do about it other than report an issue to the chrome developers (here's a link explaining how to do this) https://support.google.com/chrome/answer/95315?hl=en


You'll also have to consider what other browsers your app may end up being viewed on, and whether or not they render the circle correctly too.


Hope this helps! Goodluck!

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