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How do you play a video(WITH SOUND)

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If you are on windows, DirectShow (or the more recent media foundation) will just pull out the decoded pixels for you.

If you want to embed the video on a surface as a texture, you'll need a full decode to RGB. I've heard some cards have non-standard video texture support but I have never checked myself.

If you are using say - Theora - then you can just download the decoder library and you will be in portable land.


Keep in mind that most video files are really mere container formats so there's no real guarantee library X will decode file .BLAH, even worse, audio and video can be completely independant. To deal with this flexibility, you will have to look at the aforementioned windows functionalities or libraries such as ffmpeg, libav.

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DirectShow really isn't. I think you can make it in 100 LOCs! It is legacy, but still works. To my surprise, sometimes it works better than the more recent media foundation (I have a webcam which does 2x the framerate in DirectShow)!

I never had the chance to play with Media Foundation.

I also never played with Theora, but I did use Vorbis, which is super easy. If the Theora decoding library is even 4x more difficult, it's still nothing to worry about!

Theora cannot decode arbitrary video files, but it's a well specified format. Just stick to it and you'll be happy!

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