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Live stream tutorial for c++ beginners

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Hi guys


To begin with I want to say, I wasn't sure if this topic was appropriate for this forum. I don't want to step on anyone's toes so if I incorrectly places it mods please move or delete as necessary.


The past few years I've been considering different ways of creating some kind of more extensive tutorial for others to use and reference when starting out their programming endeavors. I used a large amount of tutorials, articles, forum posts and even private messages from people on forums like gamedev.net and I would like to do something to add to the community that has helped me the past several years.


All that being said, I feel that a large amount the information you find on the internet is often very specific and somewhat difficult to extrapolate to your own projects (as a beginner). When I was first starting I felt like it would be impossible to parse through all the information and was very over-whelmed.


On the other hand, sometimes the opposite is true and an article or VOD might talk about nothing but the simplest things and give no direction as to where to go after. Even my college level classes have this problem...


I would like to share some of the knowledge I have accumulated through the years and I think a live stream would be an excellent way to do so! One obvious advantage would be the immediate feedback. Viewers would be able to ask questions through chat and have immediate answers. 


I was think of doing it a few hours a day (6pm - 10pm EST) for two or three days a week (Weds, Thurs, maybe Fri).


Day one would be a "programming for newbies" approach. No prior knowledge necessary. 


Day two would consist of more game programming specific topics. I have composed a few games over the years, some text, 2D and 3D. I love programming games and find it to be very rewarding. I would be happy to give some other interested people the same experience.


Day three, if I have the time, would be just a Q&A and allow more tangents of conversation than the others. 


It's important to note the language I prefer is C++ and as such will be the main language I discuss. C++ if fast, generic, and cross-platform (not necessarily the APIs!). Also, like most programmers, I'm biased towards my language of choice. Most of the ideas will be translatable to any language but the responsibility of figuring out the differences will be on the viewer.


I don't claim to be an expert. I learn everyday. Sometimes I look back at old code and think "w..t..f.. who wrote this?". I don't want anyone to think I am making a claim to be better than or no more than anyone else. I just want to share some knowledge I've gathered and hopefully some other fellow nerds will find it helpful.


My experience:

I am a current college student of computer programming and have been dabbling since about 1999. I am something around 3 years into my program.


I would appreciate any input and criticism on the matter so if you have any thoughts please reply or e-mail!


Contact info

e-mail: bghomashi@gmail.com

skype: bghomashi

twitch link: http://www.twitch.tv/typeid


Thanks guys!!

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