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win 32 release build and distribute

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My client side game application is just about ready to put out to the public.


I'm looking for information as to what I need to do so that when the client downloads it, it installs a desk top icon on his start up menu and acts like most commercial store bought applications do when you first go to start them up, such as intalling itself into the users program files and so on.


Any helpful starting points for this subject are most appreciated.

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While there are many solutions out there (Installshield, InnoSetup, NSIS, Wix, Advanced Installer, MSI) my personal favorite is InnoSetup. Easy, powerful, professional, complete.

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Thanks for the tip. I downloaded Inno and will fool around with it later on today.


I am still wondering, Back in 2007 i started delving into programming. I bought visual studio 2005 professional. At that time it was current. Now I see that they have 2008, 2010, 2013 and so on. That give you an idea how long I've been working on this, althrough I didn't really starty work on this project until about 2009.


I've seen some tutorials since my last post that show how to use visual studio 2005 and the windows installer to create a self installing .exe for your project. However, none of the project settings that they refer to show up on my compiler. in particular the say go to project->add to project->new->projects and then click on "other projects" from there you are supposed to get to the windows installer and all its settings.


My problem is there is no "other projects" button on visual studio 2005 professinal. All I get is:


ATL COM App Wizard

Cluster resource type wizard

Custom App Wizard

Database Project

Dev Studio Add in Wizard

ISAPI Extension Wizard


MFC Active X Control Wizard

MFC App Wizard(dll)

MFC App Wizard(exe)

Utility Project

Win32 Application

Win 32 Console Application

Win 32 Dynamic Link Library

Win 32 Static Libary


I'm wondering if you have ever faced this problem of not having an "other projects" link in visual studio or how ti get to the windows installer from my available options.




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This won't answer your question but I would steer you away from MSI.  It's mainly intended for usage in automated mass deployment scenarios.  The problem with it is the user needs a (correctly versioned) runtime to even use it which complicates deployment even more.

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