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Need framework recommendations

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I'm looking for some recommendations for libraries/frameworks. I have an idea for a fairly complicated strategy game that I want to explore. For now, it's a project with no budget (might change later). I want libraries that are reasonably unrestricted, so no GPL for example. I want to work in C# from Visual Studio, including the ability to debug etc. I also want to write the full game logic myself.


I've previously worked with XNA and liked it pretty much. I'm somewhat uneasy working with discontinued stuff, but then there's MonoGame and the ANX framework. What I didn't like about XNA was that it didn't expose newer stuff which made it difficult to implement various rendering techniques efficiently and in some cases event at all. On the other hand, the game I'm looking at right now wouldn't be a particularily graphical game so it's not a huge deal.


Crossplatform support is a plus, but only Windows 7/8 are priorities. So yeah:

  • Math library. Collision detection, matrix/vector math, ray casting, ..
  • World rendering system. I can write this myself if needed, but if there's a plug-and-play friendly renderer out there for .NET then I'm all ears. I'm not looking for AAA graphics, but I need stuff like dynamic (as in generated) terrain.
  • GUI system that is resolution friendly and makes it reasonably easy to draw primitive stuff such as sprites, lines, rectangles, ellipses etc.

Any recommendations?

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SharpDX and its Toolkit does indeed look interesting. Is that the successor to their ANX framework? How does it compare to XNA/MonoGame?

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