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OpenGL Getting order of attributes, as specified in shader file.

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I am writing an OpenGL shader loader. Currently, once I have linked the shader program, I am looping through each active attribute using glGetObjectParameterivARB(m_uiShaderID, GL_OBJECT_ACTIVE_ATTRIBUTES_ARB, &iCount), and calling glGetActiveAttrib() using the loop index, and then glBindAttribLocation() with the index and the name returned from glGetObjectParameter.


This approach is not giving me the attributes in the order in which I have specified them in the shader program, for example I have:


in vec4 vPosition;

in vec3 vNormal;


and my loop output gives:


0 vNormal

1 vPosition;


Is there a way I can get the attributes in the correct order, using OpenGL functionality?

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Yes. By using layout location qualifier.
For example: layout (location = 0) in vec4 vPosition;

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