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srikanth chitturi

Unity How to create Obstacles dynamically before the player like in Temple run.

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Hello ,
I have created a player that runs forever until it hits any obstacle. The game has some buildings,cars .,etc. Now I want to spawn some Obstacles dynamically before the player.
To do this I have created an Empty GameObject called PlayerFollower and added it as a Child to the Player GameObject. So when ever the player moves forward the PlayerFollower also moves.
The script I have attached to the Player is :
using UnityEngine;
using System.Collections;
public class playerFollower : MonoBehaviour {
public Transform Player;
private GameObject Obstacle;
public GameObject Hurdles;
private Transform rotation;
// Use this for initialization
void Start () {
InvokeRepeating("createHurdles", 2, 7.0F);
void createHurdles()
Vector3 playerPos = Player.position;
Vector3 ObstaclePosition = transform.position;
ObstaclePosition.y = 1;
Obstacle = Instantiate(Resources.Load("Obstacles/Hurdle"),ObstaclePosition,transform.rotation) as GameObject;
Obstacle.transform.rotation = Player.transform.rotation;
Debug.Log("rotation :"+Obstacle.transform.rotation);
Obstacle.transform.parent = Hurdles.transform;
Debug.Log("Hurdle created at :"+ObstaclePosition);
// Update is called once per frame
void Update () {
float dist = Vector3.Distance(Player.position,transform.position);
Debug.Log("Distance :"+dist);
Also I want to destroy the Obstacle after the player has crossed it. I want to do this in the Update function above :
If(dist <= 3.0f)
But this is not an effective solution , because the distance is sometimes not less than 3.0f and if I give something like >5.0f , The Obstacle destroys in advance, before the player . Is there any better solution.
Also there are buildings , in behind , If i move the PlayerFollower also moves and it is creating Obstacles inside the buildings , how to overcome this ?

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You should check if the object is behind the player (dot product) , and then check the distance before destroying objects.  That way you can only destroy objects that are behind the player.  Though instead of doing a distance check, you may want to check if they are off camera instead.

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