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Ahmad Eid

What is graphics , and how is it made ?

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ok  yes am new at this , and just wondering what is graphics and how is it programmed i know that i will take a course in graphics in uni ( am CS major) so just need to know more about it ??

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Basically, graphics are all of the things that you see on your computer screen. There are two popular APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) that are used to render (display) graphics:


1. OpenGL (for 3d graphics)

2. Direct X


These are basically libraries (collections of functions and variables and classes) that build your graphics for you. You could always start from scratch and program your own graphics renderer, but most people prefer to use these because it is a lot of work to make it yourself. 


OpenGL is written in both the C and C++ programming languages and I am sure it took either a long time or a lot of people to program it. Or perhaps it took a long time and a lot of people. Chances are you will only learn to use it rather than make your own from scratch. But if you want to make your own, have at it.


Hope that helps. 

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Oh definitely not. It just depends how deep you want to go. If you want to know how computers are made from the ground up, you have to start at the bottom and learning about electrical circuits and transistors and such. But if you want to make computer games, you don't need to learn any of that.


You asked "What is graphics, and how is it made?" which is a kinda vague. smile.png We had to guess what it was you were asking about.

TutorialDoctor answered how graphics are used on the videocard (which you don't need to know), and I answered how monitors display graphics (which you also don't need to know).


That's like asking, "What is the sky made of?" - TutorialDoctor answered, "The sky is made out of air and has clouds in it.", I answered, "The appearance of the sky is an illusion caused by sunlight scattering off of the gas particles suspended in our atmosphere." - both are true, and explain a different level of abstraction.


You don't need to know either of those answers if you actually want to fly an airplane. laugh.png


If you ask a more specific question, we could give some better answers more tailored to what you want to know.


You could look up the basic course structure of your "graphics" class, and then ask about some specific things the class covers.

I'm not really sure what a "graphics" class would teach - the word "graphics" is so vague it could mean alot of different things.

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