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Unity QML for game development

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I'm looking for a 2d framework to develop a small hobby game.

QML seems like an interesting choice. It offers full hardware acceleration, useful javascript integration for simple behaviours and seamless c++ interop.

Originally I needed qml to design a simple GUI and was intrigued that there's so much support for game development: A canvas widget similar to the HTML5 canvas is available. There are widgets such as Sprite, SpriteSequence, Particlesystems, ... You can paste GLSL shaders inline in the qml markup and apply them to gui elements.

But there are only very few good tutorials. Actually the only current, up-to-date introductions to qml that I found where on the official website. That makes me wonder: Is there already a qml gamedev community ? The IRC chatroom was not very responsive. And most online articles on qml date back to 2012 or 2011.

Do you use qml ?

Can you recommend some good tutorials or share your experiences ?

What would interest me most is the basic setup of a "standard" qml game:
Javscript canvas or Image widgets with Sprites ?
Logic in C++ or in Javascript ?
Animations as qml objects or in the code ?
How is the compiler ? I'm a little wary of javascript. Are there useful error messages from the code or is everything dynamic ?
How is support for standard content ? For example audio-files.

Does the markup language scale nicely ?

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I'm currently using it for a work project. It involves a complex 3D scene rendered inside a QtQuick Item (internally by rendering to an FBO and handing the texture to the Qt scene graph), interacting with quite a lot of UI. It's not a game but has similar constraints. So far, I cannot say there are major obstacles (keeping the OpenGL state preserved for two different system which both believe they can do whatever they want with it can be a minor headache though).

You have the usual Qt problem because you sacrifice a lot of control over your render loop. Whether it's worth the bother or not will largely depend on what kind of game you want to make. A bit of HUD for the next FPS: pick something else. A game which more UI-heavy with a bit of eye candy (for example 'Master of Magic' or 'Master of Orion'): would interest me too but I want have the time to try it out in the foreseeable future.

One thing you should consider is that you will have to move quite a few DLLs and related files around for deployment. Even with a well-compressing installer like InnoSetup you will probably end up with 15-20MB of (compressed) support binaries before you add your own game or assets.

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