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Treatment of 2D temporary animations, how to?

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Instead of particles, say you have simply a 2D animation, i.e. an explosion, or those boosts like effects applied to a character when its stats raised, for example (there may be particles playing together or at the end of the animation).


I dont see those as particles, theyre just temporary 2D animations but I feel they should be treated just like..Not sure. How do you deal with those?


Are each of those a game entity that is created and destroyed after its animation is over?(this is easier I believe, they do feel like independent events spawned by other entities)

Or treat like particles, the component is an emitter that controls a bunch of 2d sprite animations pre configured?

Or the object that creates those have a component for each animation (2dAnimationComponent), and then it plays/activates and stop/deactivates it as need?


I dont know how to deal with it.

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It depends on your engine.  The easiest way that works tends to be the best way.  In GameMaker or Unity, I would create a simple object that shows the image animation and destroys itself afterwards.  If there were tons of different images like this, I would create a single object that does it, and then upon creation of an instance of that object tell it which image to display(so as not to have 10 different objects when one would suffice).

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