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VB.Net and XNA : tutorials for kids

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Hi There,


This is my first post here.


I am a father of two 12 years boys.

I am also an aging developper (more into network programming).


However, my kids have lately shown interest into developping games.

I have therefore oriented them on vb.net as it seemed the easiest path (to me).

They did have lof ot fun with it and came with some nice little games (remember that they are 12).


Rather quickly, they became limited by the platform : moving textures, detect collision, etc is not a given in vb.net.

I therefore again decided to give a go at XNA and VB.Net (not something common out there as it seems).


I decided to go with my kids on this journey (game programming) and wrote a serie of articles for them, for me and for internet smile.png


As I anonymously hit this forum a few times already looking (and getting) for informations, I thought I would share my humble experience and turorials there for those who wish to step by step discover the basics of game programming.


Here a serie of articles I wrote these last weeks with my kids : link.

These cover various topics around XNA such as scrolling, pixel collision, collision on rotated shapes, gamepad input, etc


Hope this is the right place to post and that it is allowed to post external links.

If not, then shoot me smile.png





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