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[fixed]how to get current gpu usage by nvapi for nvidia card?

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i found that last version nvapi library if full static library, some code display the method of get gpu usage on the internet is based on nvapi_QueryInterface interface, it is a export function in nvapi.dll?

i can't find nvapi_QueryInterface in the last version of nvapi.h,and there is nothing useful when i search "usage" in the header file.


this is the code based on nvapi_QueryInterface:

// Getting Nvidia GPU Usage
// Reference: Open Hardware Monitor (http://code.google.com/p/open-hardware-monitor)
#include <windows.h>
#include <iostream>
// magic numbers, do not change them
// function pointer types
typedef int *(*NvAPI_QueryInterface_t)(unsigned int offset);
typedef int (*NvAPI_Initialize_t)();
typedef int (*NvAPI_EnumPhysicalGPUs_t)(int **handles, int *count);
typedef int (*NvAPI_GPU_GetUsages_t)(int *handle, unsigned int *usages);
int main()
    HMODULE hmod = LoadLibraryA("nvapi.dll");
    if (hmod == NULL)
        std::cerr << "Couldn't find nvapi.dll" << std::endl;
        return 1;
    // nvapi.dll internal function pointers
    NvAPI_QueryInterface_t      NvAPI_QueryInterface     = NULL;
    NvAPI_Initialize_t          NvAPI_Initialize         = NULL;
    NvAPI_EnumPhysicalGPUs_t    NvAPI_EnumPhysicalGPUs   = NULL;
    NvAPI_GPU_GetUsages_t       NvAPI_GPU_GetUsages      = NULL;
    // nvapi_QueryInterface is a function used to retrieve other internal functions in nvapi.dll
    NvAPI_QueryInterface = (NvAPI_QueryInterface_t) GetProcAddress(hmod, "nvapi_QueryInterface");
    // some useful internal functions that aren't exported by nvapi.dll
    NvAPI_Initialize = (NvAPI_Initialize_t) (*NvAPI_QueryInterface)(0x0150E828);
    NvAPI_EnumPhysicalGPUs = (NvAPI_EnumPhysicalGPUs_t) (*NvAPI_QueryInterface)(0xE5AC921F);
    NvAPI_GPU_GetUsages = (NvAPI_GPU_GetUsages_t) (*NvAPI_QueryInterface)(0x189A1FDF);
    if (NvAPI_Initialize == NULL || NvAPI_EnumPhysicalGPUs == NULL ||
        NvAPI_EnumPhysicalGPUs == NULL || NvAPI_GPU_GetUsages == NULL)
        std::cerr << "Couldn't get functions in nvapi.dll" << std::endl;
        return 2;
    // initialize NvAPI library, call it once before calling any other NvAPI functions
    int          gpuCount = 0;
    int         *gpuHandles[NVAPI_MAX_PHYSICAL_GPUS] = { NULL };
    unsigned int gpuUsages[NVAPI_MAX_USAGES_PER_GPU] = { 0 };
    // gpuUsages[0] must be this value, otherwise NvAPI_GPU_GetUsages won't work
    gpuUsages[0] = (NVAPI_MAX_USAGES_PER_GPU * 4) | 0x10000;
    (*NvAPI_EnumPhysicalGPUs)(gpuHandles, &gpuCount);
    // print GPU usage every second
    for (int i = 0; i < 100; i++)
        (*NvAPI_GPU_GetUsages)(gpuHandles[0], gpuUsages);
        int usage = gpuUsages[3];
        std::cout << "GPU Usage: " << usage << std::endl;
    return 0;

    reference: http://eliang.blogspot.com/2011/05/getting-nvidia-gpu-usage-in-c.html


    thank you very much.


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            PstatesInfo.version = NV_GPU_DYNAMIC_PSTATES_INFO_EX_VER;

            for( INT i=0; i<pUsageData->GpuCount; ++i )
                ErrorCode = NvAPI_GPU_GetDynamicPstatesInfoEx( DefaultCard.GpuInfo[i].nvGpuHandle, &PstatesInfo );

                pUsageData->GpuUsage[i] = PstatesInfo.utilization[0].percentage;
ok, i get it.

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