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Modeling and animating human characters?

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Hi! I've started using Blender and I've been doing simple things to test the mechanics of the program.
Now I want to start making human characters but I don't find a complete tutorial from start to end including animation. The only I've found is paid and I don't have money for that. Is there any free and complete tutorial?
I don't want to use MakeHuman
Thanks in advance!

PS: Sorry for my bad enlish :I

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I see what you mean. The tutorials that cover modeling and texturing a good looking character often don't go into rigging and animation and rigging and animation tutorials often don't cover modeling and texturing or only make a rudimentary model.

Why is this? Modeling, texturing, rigging and animating a human character is very complex and lengthy process especially if you want to go anywhere near AAA quality. It's the ultimate test of your asset creation workflow. You shouldn't be trying to teach or learn all of it at once.


You should first try to grasp different parts of the workflow such as UV wrapping, rigging and animating before you try to create complex animated models. Follow some of the tutorials on each of them and then try to make your own meshes, armatures and animations from scratch. Little by little you'll build experience and are able to create more and more complex model setups.


As with all game development, start small and don't scale up too quickly because you will only get frustrated because it's too much to learn.

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