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Finding a visual style (thats within scope)

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mipmap    1013

I'm working on a frogger clone called Highway Toad:


My goal is to finish it by the end of this month and the code is coming together somewhat well (I'm not very good at it). Graphics and sound has to be made... but there is still time.


I have yet to decide on a good visual style for it. I've been experimenting with different ones: 

  • cartoonish mouse-drawn with shades
  • cartoonish vector with shading
  • photographs (yes, I started out with a photo of a frog, moving it around)
  • Pixel blocks (squares with patterns)

I'm just having a hard time deciding on what to pick. From looking at the game, what do you think could be a suitable style. 



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jbadams    25677

Is your goal just to get the game done to the best of your ability, or are you aiming to expand your existing skill-set?  Which (if any) art styles are you already familiar with and able to produce?



I'd say go for what you know, although personally I would probably prefer vector shading as well for that nice clean look.

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