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MinGW and .libs

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I am using the library awesomium to embed a browser as the ui for my game but they only release a .lib for visual studio and it doesnt have a .def with it. I have been reading about all sorts of different ways to generate a .a for mingw but havent been successful.


Can someone help point me to what I need to do to make a def or a file? Thanks

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  • The link to awesomium would be nice
  • In general the source code is very helpful
    • You build your static lib yourself or
    • Use Shared Lib's
  • Perhaps it's not supported for Mingw
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I found a tool which made a .a file

unfortunately I still get undefined references nothing was changed

If its not possible for mingw to use directly could I create a dll for their dll which I can then export the defs for mingw?

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The long wall of text below aside, from what i've been able to read so far

you will want a mingw built version of awesomium before doing anything more.


I found that awesomium has an .so version, which means it definitely could be built somewhere for mingw too.

But it looks like it's not. It's built only for vc++ on windows, which means you cannot use it with MinGW.

At least not easily.



An .a (archive) is sometimes just a collection of object files, while .dll and .so are shared libraries.

Finally, .lib files are _also_ .a files, as it's the same format


If you have a .dll file you will want the entry points to be able to interact with the shared library


Do you have a .dll with exposed entry points?

gendef my.dll    <-- generates my.def

dlltool -l mydll.a -d my.def


Now you can -lmydll with g++ and gcc, as long as gcc finds it


Reading about awesomium, it seems to be in .dll and .so formats

which is windows and linux respectively

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@Kaptein Thanks

Im up for a challenge as I really need to get this done im obviously not the most skilled at this but im determined lol.


gendef seems like its exactly what I need I was trying to use pexports and reimp but both seemed like they werent the right way

how can I get gendef its not available in the functions that start with i686-w64-mingw32- is it only on windows?

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I did the gendef generated a def file

then used the mingw dlltool to create a .a file

Still the same undefined references


The first one is

/tmp/ccLwLEIi.o:awesomiumwrapper.cpp:(.text+0x481): undefined reference to `__imp___ZN9Awesomium7WebCore8ShutdownEv'


The def has the shutdown defined several times

line 522 ; public: static void __cdecl Awesomium::WebCore::Shutdown(void)
line 523 ?Shutdown@WebCore@Awesomium@@SAXXZ

line 844 _Awe_WebCore_Shutdown@0


Why would it be undefined those look like they would define the shutdown function wouldnt they?

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@megamoscha thanks but both of those arnt as polished as awesomium and it feels wrong to be so close with no answer lol


There just has to be a way to fix the definitions so that they can work?

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