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[MMO] Classic Tanks Game Remade

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I would like to present the modest but shiny game of endless classic tank rampage in a new, MMO form - Based on Phaser game engine on frontend and Atmosphere on backend it brings the joy of crushing rebel sc.. I mean, gameplay.
It was created during a 10 hour development tournament held by SII company in Poland. Team consisted of 3 members, two of them were responsible for backend while I was working on the frontend. We've won the local (city level) competition, but now we're taking part in internet wide voting, which is the final stage. Code will be released as on Github under MIT license in December (around second half), after we're done with refactoring. After 10 hours of rushing it's not pretty right now, so some tune up needs to be done.
Check the game (or not), enjoy it (or not) and if you consider it worthy (or not, huh), please vote for us - english instructions for voting (since the SII voting page is in Polish) are available under this link:
We were seriously considering a commissar with a sword in each player's tank, so you know, he could hit other tanks with it once they get closer.
It's worth noting that the game is using SpriteLib sprites (http://www.widgetwor.../spritelib.html) licensed under CPL.

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Depends on time of the day. Still, it's a product of a 10 hours long development tournament, so it lacks some features that would make this game more attractive, eg. score board. We can't add any new stuff until the voting will be finished. That would be unfair.


By the way, did you vote ;)?

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