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Can you use alpha to coverage with instancing and a geometry shader?

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AussieSpoon    184



I am trying to set up alpha to coverage in DirectX 11. I am currently rendering a particle system using instancing and a geometry shader, so that I pass in a point (1 vert) to render all the particles of that particle system. This is what it looks like:




I'm trying to set up alpha to coverage but I can't seem to do so. I am getting a problem where it renders a black quad at the particle systems position


Here is the Alpha to coverage blend state:

D3D11_BLEND_DESC alphaToCoverageDesc = {0};
alphaToCoverageDesc.AlphaToCoverageEnable = true;
alphaToCoverageDesc.IndependentBlendEnable = false;
alphaToCoverageDesc.RenderTarget[0].BlendEnable = false;
alphaToCoverageDesc.RenderTarget[0].RenderTargetWriteMask = D3D11_COLOR_WRITE_ENABLE_ALL;

result = device->CreateBlendState(&alphaToCoverageDesc, &AlphaToCoverageBS);

And this is what it looks like:



Even when I try to imitate it within the pixel shader with dithering it produces a similar error:




So I was wondering if it has anything to do with instancing or the geometry shader? I can't imagine it is but I have no idea. Any one think of any reason for this. 

If this is too vague just say


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