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Steven Rolf

*UPDATED Game Trailer* ?Ð?ĆH Development presents their current game in development "The Demon Within" a 1st/3rd Person RPG

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KickStarter Launch Date 01/01/2014 ~ Preundia page ---> http://prefundia.com/projects/view/the-demon-within/437/
Stay Connected + Giveaways —> www.facebook.com/infinitedeathdevelopment
The evil manifested in everybody's soul awakens and you are the only thing that stands between hell and earth, Prepare to be damned.
Game Trailer ~ 

A terrible Evil has arisen on the island of Misthaven. With the death of the land comes the demons of hell. The world as you know it is coming to an end and there's only one person that can stop it from happening; YOU. The war between good and evil has begun, and you're on the front lines. Yesterday, you fell asleep as just a normal child. Today, you have awoken to the beginning of a new chapter: YOUR DESTINY!!!
The Demon Within is set on the Island of MistHaven where magic is the base of all life and all Magic comes from the crystal on the small island in the middle of MistHaven. When in balance the crystal is blue but recently it has changed to red and no one knows why. All of a sudden things begin to change for the worse and it's up to you to fix it and bring balance back to the Island.

  • Single Player, 1st/3rd Person RPG
  • Full Stat Customization
  • Multi-Talent Tree System
  • Crafting, Enchanting and Potion Making
  • Complex Puzzles
  • Rich Dialog and Story-Driven
  • Full Open World - Except Dungeons and Castles
  • Optional NPC Companions
  • Evolving Quests that Change with Every Decision YOU Make
  • 4K Native Creation (Allows for higher FPS at lower Resolutions)
  • Demons that will Creep up on You and Attempt to Catch You off Guard
  • Available on Windows, Mac & Linux (Possible Console)

Between stat control and a unique talent tree system you will have full control of who your character becomes through your journey of MistHaven.
There are 28 stats split between Defense, Strength, Magic, Nature, Mentality and Craft.
There will be 4-5 classes that you will need to learn to play in unison with one another, and each class will have 4 talent trees. You will only be able to choose 1 tree per class at any given time. Every time you level you will be given 1 point per class to use. If you find yourself liking the set of talent trees and stats you have chosen, but want to try another, no problem just save the set and bind it to a key for future use.
This teaser is only the first 5 minutes of game play. (?)(??)(???) are all names that will be determined by certain backers. For every 3,000 backers we will be adding another 5 minutes to the teaser, up to the first 30 minutes of game play. Enjoy!
Day one - Misthaven - Village of Roanoke (Open, Roanoke school house, afternoon)
The bell rings. Another school day has come to a close. You and your sister, (???) exit the school house.
Sibling: "Well, (?), what do you say? Race you home"
You laugh and nod as you turn and run towards home.
Sibling: "Hey, no fair! I didn't say go!" (???) runs after you as the two of you wind through town on your way home. As you come to a stop with your sister on your heels. She gasps for breath, "Okay, you win, but aren't you supposed to let me win? You are older you know!"
You: "Not me, little sis. I wouldn't want you to get a big head." You laugh, also trying to catch your breath.
Sibling: "Well...I almost had you!"
You: "Sure you did. Haha. Keep telling yourself that." You grin "C'mon, moms waiting."
You both enter the house to find your mother in the kitchen with a patient. He's badly wounded. Your mother is the town healer.
Sibling: "What happened to him, we've never seen someone hurt this bad..."
The two of you stand in the doorway. Staring as your mother works fervently over the man, who seems to be clinging to life.
She looks up. "Children! You don't need to see this. Why don't you go gather the supplies for supper?" She hands you a list and some money. "Here, now go."
A cry comes from the kitchen and a woman's voice calls: "(??), Please. He's in such pain. You must help him."
Your mother turns toward the kitchen and then nudges you towards the door. You exit the house.
Sibling: "(?), Why was that man hurt so bad?" She looks at you questioningly, obviously upset by what you've both just witnessed.
You: "I don't know, but mom will take good care of him. How about you hold the list. Where to first?"
You smile as your sister seems to have forgotten all about the man, with a new task in mind. Sibling: "The butcher, then the baker,..."
You: "And the candlestick maker?!" You grin.
She giggles. "No, silly! The general store!" She takes your hand, and the two of you set of to your destination.
We are currently looking for people to join the team. http://infinitedeathdevelopment.x10.mx/jobs.html

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