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light rendering in shaders, slow.

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I'm trying to implement light scattering effect. 

here is my rendering function

at the moment, the rendering is horribly slow.

at the moment it looks like this:

fragment shaders i'm using same as in tutorial, unchanged.


Any suggestion how to make rendering better?



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Does the lag significantly reduce if you lower the constant (which currently is set at 100) in the shader?


Also your render function, go through it and make sure that everything in it actually needs to be done every frame. If theres stuff that only needs to be done once, move it outside.


Also how big is that model of yours?

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1) Find if the high number of texture samples is the culprit (try setting the constant to like 5)


2) If it is, try:

a) Running it over a lower resolution input (take your scene, downsample it to lets say halve the dimensions)

b) Reducing the constant (this should not affect the quality as negatively if you do a. If you halve the dimensions of the input, i think you should halve the constant too)

c) Reducing the resolution of the output (eg render this effect onto a low resolution buffer, then render that on top of your scene)

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