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HLSL compiler bug?

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I had a problem reading data with compute shader from const buffer - shader read garbage. What seemed confusing - graphic diagnostics from VS 2013 showed correct data in the buffer. After hours of pain I checked shader disassemble and found out that const buffer I register to slot 1 IS SOMEHOW MOVED TO SLOT 0! The const buffer from slot 0 got cut out, just because I don't use it in that particular function. When I switched const buffer registers - it started to work as I expected.


I suppose compiler should not change const buffer slots?



Shader cbuffers:

cbuffer Region : register( c0 )
	RegionData _region;

cbuffer Phase : register( c1 )  <- SLOT 1 !!!
	PhaseData _phase;

Disassemble of bindings:

Generated by Microsoft (R) HLSL Shader Compiler 6.3.9600.16384

// Resource Bindings:
// Name                                 Type  Format         Dim Slot Elements
// ------------------------------ ---------- ------- ----------- ---- --------
// Pingpong                              UAV    uint         buf    3        1
// Phase                             cbuffer      NA          NA    0        1  <- SLOT 0!!!


      dcl_globalFlags refactoringAllowed
      dcl_constantbuffer cb0[1], immediateIndexed    <- cb0!!!
      dcl_uav_typed_buffer (uint,uint,uint,uint) u3
      dcl_temps 1
      dcl_thread_group 1, 1, 1

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