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OpenGL GLSL BumpMap Math error

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I have a problem with OpenGL and GLSL to implement Bump Map.

Vertex shader:

#version 330 core

layout (std140) uniform Matrices {

mat4 projViewModelMatrix;

mat3 normalMatrix;

mat4 modelViewMatrix;


uniform mat4 View;

uniform vec3 LightPosition;

uniform vec3 CameraPosition;

in vec3 position;

in vec3 normal;

in vec2 texCoord;

out vec2 TexCoord;

out vec3 Normal;



out vec3 lightVec;

out vec3 eyeVec;

in vec3 vTangent;

in vec3 bTangent;

void main()


Normal = normalize(normalMatrix * normal);

gl_Position = projViewModelMatrix * vec4(position, 1.0);

TexCoord = vec2(texCoord);


vec3 n = normalize(normalMatrix * normal);

vec3 t = normalize(normalMatrix * vTangent);

vec3 b = normalize(normalMatrix * bTangent);

vec3 vVertex = vec3(modelViewMatrix * vec4(position, 1.0));

// vec3 tmpVec = LightPosition.xyz - vVertex.xyz;

vec3 tmpVec = (View * vec4(LightPosition, 1.0)).xyz - vVertex.xyz;

lightVec.x = dot(tmpVec, t);

lightVec.y = dot(tmpVec, b);

lightVec.z = dot(tmpVec, n);

tmpVec = -vVertex;

eyeVec.x = dot(tmpVec, t);

eyeVec.y = dot(tmpVec, b);

eyeVec.z = dot(tmpVec, n);



#version 330
layout (std140) uniform Material {

vec4 diffuse;

vec4 ambient;

vec4 specular;

vec4 emissive;

float shininess;

int texCount;


uniform sampler2D texUnit;

in vec3 Normal;

in vec2 TexCoord;

out vec4 outputF;

//BUMP MAPPING ///////////////////////////////////////////

in vec3 lightVec;

in vec3 eyeVec;

uniform sampler2D normalMap;

uniform vec4 diffuseLight;

uniform vec4 ambientLight;

uniform vec4 specularLight;



vec3 N2 = normalize(texture(normalMap, TexCoord).xyz * 2.0 - 1.0);

vec3 L2 = normalize(lightVec);

vec3 V2 = normalize(eyeVec);

vec3 R2 = normalize(-reflect(L2, N2));

float NdotL = max(0.0, dot(N2, L2));

float RdotV = max(0.0, dot(R2, V2));

// Compute final colours.

vec4 ambient = ambientLight * ambient;

vec4 diffuse = diffuseLight * diffuse * NdotL;

vec4 specular2 = specularLight * specular * (pow(RdotV, shininess) * 1);

vec4 base = texture2D(texUnit, TexCoord);

// Final colour.

outputF = base * ambient + base * diffuse + specular2;


There is some error there? I feel that the calculation of the direction of the light is wrong. Could it be?


The line:

vec3 tmpVec = (View * vec4(LightPosition, 1.0)).xyz - vVertex.xyz;

is OK?

the line:

tmpVec = -vVertex;


OK? or I need change to:

tmpVec = (View * vec4(CameraPosition, 1.0)).xyz - vVertex.xyz;



tmpVec = (CameraPosition).xyz - vVertex.xyz;


Please help me.

Thank you, best regards.

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Come on guys.

Be a bit more patient, most people have jobs, education, family and lives to attend to beside roaming forums.


EDIT: Unfortunately, I can't help you with this.

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