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JavaScript local storage

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I know it's not C++, but JavaScript is useful for game programming too :)


The simplest way I know to store some state with JavaScript is to store it in a cookie. However, this has the disadvantage than then the cookie is sent with every HTTP request, and I wouldn't want players to send their local game state to every single page of my website, it's a bandwidth waste.


HTML5 local storage however seems to be a messy subject, with browsers using different standards (some of which are SQL which seems overkill to me).


Is there a good way you can recommend  to have local storage that is compatible with most browsers (at least Firefox, Chrome and IE, and browsers on phones would be nice too), is lightweight, and works per-url or per-website? (like cookies are per domain which is good enough)

Thanks a lot!

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The second option, local-storage is so awesome and simple! Thanks! I think I just was confused by the other options and missed this simple but widely supported one.

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