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Question: WebGL vs Engines

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Hello everyone,


I was researching about how to create a 3D game, and i found the engines and libraries. I don´t like much the idea of the engines because they cost money and i feel they are a little limitated (personally), and i don't understad how the libraries work. Time later a friend tell me about Artillery.com, i research about that, and I discovered the WebGL and the three.js library, my plan was make my own browser like application, to run the game.


My concerns are:


How safe it is the WebGL

Maybe i need spend a lot of time making an own engine

Work on base a libraries and java, like minecraft


I don't know really how abord this proyect, are soo many posibilities


PD: I try to make a kind a torchilight 2 game (camera like moba games)

srry if i spelling something wrong, i live in chile.



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WebGL is a pretty great technology. It is a bit lower level (i.e you need to do more things yourself) than a typical game engine. I.e rather than load a model and display it like you usually do in a game engine, you would need to parse the model file, load the data into vertex buffers, write a suitable shader and then iterate through all your objects in the scene and display them.
It sounds like a lot but for a really impressive game, you would generally need to do this additional shader work within a game engine as well (which can often be more convoluted and tricky and less portable).

I found the Javascript garbage collector is not yet able to properly clean up WebGL related memory (shader programs, vertex buffers, etc...) which means you will need to dot around quite a few try catches in order to avoid memory leaks by doing manual memory management. For this reason I suggest using C++ with Emscripten (https://github.com/kripken/emscripten) to properly manage the memory automatically with RAII.

WebGL with Emscripten is also great because you can use SDL, SDL_image, Glut, libpng, Bullet, OpenAL and all those "standard" game technologies. This also means you can port it to the desktop or tablets pretty easily. Edited by Karsten_

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