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Suggestions for an AI Wumpus world game?

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I'm in a AI class right now and am required to do a project over the course of the entire semester to make a AIMA(book chap 7.3) Wumpus world game. The thing is I'm not familiar with coding. I've only basic knowledge on python. I really don't know what to do and where to start. Any suggestions? What is the best way to make it within 1 month? Thank you so much.

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I don't know the book and python ... not really too but on the first view with help of google it looks not like "much" of work if you have the basic knowledge on python.

My suggestion is Read your book. Use google to find more clues about AIMA. But to help you a bit more here a list:


  • The Website of AIMA: http://aima.cs.berkeley.edu/index.html
  • Use your Brain to put those Elements together in a useful way
    • Make you clear what you want or What the exercise say
      • Look what you need to reach this.
        • Make a list or mind map
        • Write down what you want reach in your own words
        • Try to subdivided your exercise in smaller ones
          • do it again, if it possible!!!
          • Make for each subdivided part a plan with date when you want finished it (Milestones, give you the feeling you make progress, it's honey for your soul^^)
      • Look what is given!!!
        • Do you need it?
          • if yes, awesome one part you don't need to code on your own!!!
          • if no, okay perhaps with some other problems useful
      • Look what is not given
        • It is not given? try to solve the exercise/problem in an other way
        • Is it necessary in your opinion -> create new stuff, but only what you need to solve the exercise/problem; not more


I hope this help you a litte bit to make clear which way of proceeding you could use. 

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