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How to draw Pixel Arts efficiently with MS Paint?

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I saw some videos that some guys draw pictures with MS paint real easy.

Where is the trick?

Any good tutorials?

I mean how can you draw straight lines and erase stuff so quickly

Of course, to choose colors.



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I would consider looking into slightly more capable software, like or GraphicsGale (both free downloads).  For example, here's a GraphicsGale tutorial (not necessarily the best one): 


As for tricks, I'm not sure there really are any, Paint's pretty simple. You can hold Shift to draw straight lines with the pencil tool, if that's what you're referring to. The color picker and eraser don't have shortcuts as far as I know. Here's some more info about paint:


Here are some generic pixel/art tutorials that you should look at, too:


And of course my more generic article about game art in general:


Just remember to practice, practice, practice. That's 99.9% of becoming a better artist.

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Paint is really good for pixel art, as it's simple and no smoothing, which is perfect. Try these tutorials, they really are detailed and even though there are powerful tools out there, I still use MS Paint myself for pixel art.


These are some games that are made out of pixel art to have a look at for ideas:


As Prinz Eugn said, practice a lot and it will become second nature over time.

Have fun!

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