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Looking for guidance for web-based game/platform development

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Hi, I'm thinking of developing a web-based game & platform, in the following fashion:
1) The platform that would allow for elements of the game to be added and managed.
2) A basic game that would should the capabilities of the platform.
The idea is to lean it to a graphic adventure style (mostly 2D), with point-and-click type of actions.
It would be presented using HTML5, with a backend platform that delivers content and tracks in-game progress.
Based on this, the second stage would be to expand the platform so other users can add to the experience, both in levels, depth, actions, characters, etc.
Or the users can build their stand alone games/experiences.
What I'm asking for is: anyone knows about something like this that already exists?
I'd like to understand what's already been done, how, and why; so as to not repeat or to join efforts.
Much appreciated!

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So, to clarify, are you looking to make an HTML5/WebGL game engine (along with a proof of concept game)? Or something more like GameMaker, where people can design games using a simple drag-and-drop style interface without code, but web-based?  Or are you just looking to make a basic proof-of-concept game that's open to expansion?


As far as game engines go, you should check out Babylon.js.


I'm sure there are good examples out there of something closer to GameMaker, but perhaps someone else could speak of those - I haven't tried any.


As far as proof of concept style games, check out BrowserQuest.  There's a fork of it on GitHub that's still under active development.

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