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2d pixelart game - Game engine or from scratch?

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silax    105

Hi guys,


I'm very new to game development and was looking to get some advice. I'm in the process of designing a game a 2d pixel art game, but I'm unsure of what I should be looking for in terms of a programmer.


Should I be looking for a programmer who can build the game from scratch or one who is experienced at using an engine such as cocos2d or is there a better alternative i'm missing?

What are the pros and cons for each?


Thank you.



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kburkhart84    3182

I think it depends on what you want.  Do you really want to hire someone, or do you want to learn how to do it yourself?


If you are interested in simply hiring someone, I think it probably shouldn't matter too much what they use, unless you need to maintain the project yourself afterwards.  If all you care about is the final result, you should simply specify what result you want, and let them choose the tools they use best.  If you get the result you want, then it should not matter.  If the project is ported to where you want it, and does what you want, it shouldn't affect you what tool your hired help used.


On the other hand, if you are interested in learning how to use it, you have plenty of choices, depending on what you know and what you are willing to learn.

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