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Sewer scene, work in progress (with screenshots)

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Hi all,


Just wanted to show an update on a 3d scene I'm working one using my own 3d engine, using 'just' D3D9 and a lot of hours of coding smile.png

Modelling is getting more and more fun if it's working out, for a starter that is... (everything but the weapon created in 3ds max).


Hope you like.


Next steps are;

- finish the level

- add fog to my shader(s)

- basic collisions

- music & audio effects

- first steps on 'shooting rays'/ collisions on impact


Suggestions always welcome.














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Thanks, probably not :)
It's not for a aimed full/ plotted game, it's a constantly growing testscene for the engine I'm making. My goal is to have a finished level/ scene including "everything", so basically playable. No plans yet for after that. Probably always nice things to add (normal mapping, volumetric lighting, deferred rendering, particles, shadows and lots more). Progress has its ups and downs when you have a busy day job in between :)

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Nice, I really like it, it's beginning to get this real feel of, a game! (Which is a good thing by the way biggrin.png )


Really cool! Keep it up! smile.png



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