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Looking for free 2D rpg sprites

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Canvas    246

Hello there fellow game dev members,


I'm planning to start a simple project which I can mess around with and with the hope of releasing it to the public. But there is one massive wall which I can not jump over or get around, I am not an artist, I can barely draw a slime... So does anyone out there have any links or files which are free to use for a game that could be released to the public? I did see at the top of this forum section "Free 2d and 3d sprites etc etc" but none of them really helped me the only one that did give me a few sprites is this one


If anyone else has any links to sprites like these such as tiles, players, objects, enemies etc please feel free to post them, it would really help me out smile.png thanks


P.S. doesn't matter the quality 8-bit 16-bit vector everything is fine.


Also does anyone know if this is free to use?

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