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New member, just looking for some guidance.

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Hi everyone!


I'll give you the tl;dr, and if you want to check my background a bit, read the rest.


So, tl;dr:I want to know where/how it would be better to start my training to make a game on my own. Tools, tutorials, general recommendations, etc. I found this site and I think it looks pretty damn good, but I can't really tell. Has anyone used it? Is it a good way to start? I'm ok with learning C++, Photoshop, and Unity, but I'm open to suggestions.


My idea for a "test" game: I thought about just making a 2D game with Unity. In this case, a space shoot 'em up to get the basics down since I'm guessing they are relatively simple to make compared to other things. I already have some ideas to at the very least make it different from other shoot em ups, but I'm still cooking up the game and writing it up in a Game Design Document template I found (If anyone has a good GDD template or example, it would really help me, too!).


My background:


I've liked videogames since a long time ago, and I had always entertained the idea of making videogames. However, I never really got into it (in part due to the horror stories I've heard about the industry), so I got into something else. However, that something else was also development.


Long story short, I'm a web developer. I know SQL, ASP.NET, CSS, HTML, C#, PHP, Yii Framework, VisualBasic, JavaScript, etc. I've been designing and coding databases and web applications for almost 3 years, so I have some experience, since these 3 years I have been of working on real web applications, not just random useless stuff. Right now I'm working in a startup with 2 buddies, so my time is extremely limited, but I'd REALLY like to learn whatever I have to during some of my free time. Since I will (hopefully) start getting money soon from our business, I hope to be able to make some small games on my own.


Like I said above, I plan to start with a space shoot 'em up, and add some extra things to make it interesting. After that, I have an idea to "translate" Ninja Gaiden 2 (360 version) to 2D, again, as a way of practice and challenge myself with making a 3D to 2D adaptation.


If hope that you can point me to a particular direction for learning resources, documents, or general insight into development. At the moment, I've read 2 chapters of gameinstitute's C++ so I'm just at the very beginning. I know that this is HARD. Balls hard. Harder than Ninja Gaiden 2 at Master Ninja. But hell, I've done a stupid amount of learning already, I know what I'm getting myself into.


Thank you for your time.

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You say you know c#


if im not wrong, unity works with c#.

So i would suggest using that.


try making Tetris :-)

thats maybe one of the easiest games to make. and will give you an idea of the aspects of gameprogramming.


personally im using XNA and monogame, to make games, mostly because its easy to make get some 2d graphics on screen and then i an focus on getting better at the game programming part.

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Cool, I'll try using Unity later then. I'm looking for a general tutorial too, since I don't think just diving into it and do random stuff without a clear sequence may be a good idea. Just... experience from my previous learning, hah!


Is monogame basically .NET's mono, but for XNA? I want my games to be multiplatform (not consoles though).

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Monogame enables the porting of games written in XNA to run on Android/iOS devices. So, in that, writing your game for XNA and Monogame means you can write an almost single code base for all platforms, well as many platforms as they support.


If you are looking at just a 2D game XNA is a very good place to start.  Download VS2010 express, XNA 4 and everything you have there to draw sprites and animate them on the screen.  The game institute course is a good one, but it is very long.  I might also say 3DBuzz has a C# XNA 101 course that is very good too. 

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