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What Language or Languages for Web and Mobile Apps

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  If this is not the correct forum, my apologies.  I thought, since I am a beginner to web or mobile games, this would be the best place to ask the quesiton.


  I have been programming 'forever' in C++ and recently in C# with a sprinkle of Java thrown in for flavor.  However, all my games or apps are the standard .exe, run this in windows, variety.


  Recently though, I have been trying to learn what language or languages I need to know to make games on a mobile device or that can be played from a web site.


  I know the Apple market is fairly proprietary, and thus not owning a Mac, I dont think I have any possibility for developing anything for the IOS market.


  The Android market, has so many different devices I'm confused of which one I should target (or if I even need to target anything specific) and definately what is the best Game Creation language to program it in.


  I would love for my little games to not only be played on a mobile device, but also be playable from a web browser.  So I'm not sure if I could use the same language, or if the mobile device, and the web based, would need different languages for the program to be in.


  My apologies if this is an 'over asked' question.  I promise you I have googled myself silly over the last few weeks trying to find answers.  I seriously just have lousy luck searching for answers.


BTW, I am only able to code from a windows platform.


Thanks in advance for any advice, or links you can provide to help me make the transition into the web / mobile device gaming arena.

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You basically have two options: Create native apps or create packaged web apps.


The latter is just a frameless browser window, running in fullscreen, displaying a local webpage. The framework supplies additional functionality that you usually

can't access from the web though. Camera access, File system, Microphone, Cross domain requests, etc.


Pro: Can reuse most of the code on any supported platform. Can resuse code from your website.

Contra: Is relatively slow. Uses more resources. Not all device features available.


Native app:


Pro: Can be optimized to run very fast and efficiently.

Contra: Different codebase for each operating system.


Languages used:


Native iOS: Objective-C / C / C++

Native Android: Java / C / C++

Packaged web app: Javascript / HTML / CSS


You also have the option to use a cross platform engine like Unity3D for example, where most of the code is written in C#.


If you want to deploy to iOS you ultimately have to have a Mac since the software (XCode) is only available for that. Some people have had success with a hackintosh although I don't know the legal consequences of using one to create iOS software.


For going the WebApp route I have used in the past, I think it's the most popular at the moment.

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I recommend Unity3D for what you want to do, as it can do PC, Mobile and Web with the same game scripts so you won't have to rewrite after that.


Polish, test and release your games. Then, sell it for Windows 8 & Surface RT, Windows Mobile, and Android. When you make some money from them (by selling them in the respective App Stores), invest in a Mac Mini and iPod Touch (cheapest entry into the Apple world) and you've got a full studio for all the platforms you want to hit. One of the best ways to score Apple gear for less is to look at the Apple Store online in the "Refurbished & Clearance" link. You'll save 20% or more.


Wish you the very best. Writing and selling multi-platform games can be very fulfilling :)

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The Emscripten project ( will allow you to port your C++ code over to Javascript with minimal changes. If you use open technologies such as OpenGL, SDL, OpenAL etc... then this task is almost trivial.

Emscripten is a rapidly maturing project (sponsored and actively developed by Mozilla). You might want to give this a shot (at least until the "desktop" becomes cool again ;)).

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Wow, you guys have given a LOT of useful information.  I cant express how grateful I am.  This will give me enough options to research and experiment with to last me a while. 


Thanks again.

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