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visual studio c++ class view showing classes from outside project

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I'm hoping there is a solution to this: wacko.png


I've recently started using visual studio 2013 (I *think* there was a similar problem with visual studio 2010 though), so I'm a complete noob to this IDE (it does seem to have, dare I say it, far too many options!!).


The problem I'm facing is that when viewing multiple projects within a solution, classview doesn't just show the classes from within that project. It is *so* intelligent it wants to show me classes from other projects as well, that are used within that project (but are not part of it).




The problem with this is it makes it incredibly difficult to navigate within classview, as all these irrelevant classes are getting pulled in. Is there a way around this problem? Ideally a way to switch this behaviour off.


If not, I see you can create folders within classview. So maybe I can just drag the classes I am actually interested in into these? Unfortunately when I drag classes into the 'user folders' I get a red cross icon, like it doesn't recognise it or something.


And incidently if anyone had a way to make the class member variables actually appear in the treeview as part of the class (instead of a separate window), I would be

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You can switch back to your project tab where all of your code files reside and expose any of your .h files - VS will show you all of its members. But the class view tab for C++ code really lacks some attention from VS devs for years now, despite VS being the primary C++ IDE for Windows.

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