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Abatron Indie Game Project

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Hi guys, I've been working on this project for some time now and I have frequently came to gamedev for programming examples and questions.  Love the site and wanted to show wants came of it. 


Its an RTS meets FPS game.  You can create and command large armies in battle, build defenses, and then jump into any unit to play FPS  at any time for added strategy.


I went after the idea of combing play styles into one game.  For example, my girl likes playing only FPS so she can jump into my team and play FPS as much as she wants and I can do the RTS side-by-side.  Yet still have the freedom to jump into FPS mode also.   For the FPS guys, I focused on making the RTS style easy to use and optional.  For those RTS micromanagers, there is tons you can do.  Both play styles have their own pros and cons.


Quick Features:

1) RTS play style

2) FPS play style

3) Thirdperson play style

4) Customizable menus

5) Up to 8 players possible, Coop team play, & and a planned single player campaign.


Check out what we have and leave some feedback.  Thanks!





I also put a menu development video today showcasing some of the code in progress and looking for suggestions before we start putting the graphics in.



Maybe I can lure some beta testers in the next few months.  :)

Thanks!  Follow us if you like us.  www.Abatrongame.com







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