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Normal oriented elliptical shapes (surfels) using point sprites.

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I am trying to reproduce this effect with point sprites (given vertices with a position and normal). 




Essentially discarding fragments of a point sprite, dependent on the normal of that point, to produce an an elliptical shape tangent to the point normal (essentially approximated ortho projection of a 3D circle to a 2D ellipse).


From the equation I found d = -(n.x/n.z)*x-(n.y/n.z)*y, where a fragment is discarded if the world space distance from the point center to a point (x,y,d) is greater that the disk radius (as indicated by the text above the image).


I am trying to figure the right way of doing this in my GLSL vertex and fragment shaders, using point sprites.  


in my  shaders I am doing something like this, which isn't working:


//vertex shader
#version 400

layout (location = 0) in vec3 VertexPosition;
layout (location = 1) in vec3 VertexNormal;

out vec3 Color;
flat out vec3 PtPosition;
flat out vec3 PtNormal;
out vec3 FragPosition;

uniform mat4 MVP;
uniform float heightMin;
uniform float heightMax;
uniform bool invertGrad = false;

uniform mat4 MV;
uniform float pointSize;
uniform float viewportDim;

float perspPtSize(vec3 ptPos, mat4 mv, float ptWorldSize, float viewportDim)
  vec3 posEye = vec3(mv * vec4(ptPos, 1.0));
  return ptWorldSize * (viewportDim / length(posEye));

void main()
  Color = vec3(1.0,1.0,1.0);
  PtPosition = vec3(MV * vec4(VertexPosition,1.0));
  FragPosition = PtPosition; 
  PtNormal = vec3(MV * vec4(VertexNormal,1.0));
  gl_Position = MVP * vec4(VertexPosition,1.0);

  gl_PointSize = perspPtSize(VertexPosition.xyz,MV,pointSize,viewportDim);

//fragment shader
#version 400

layout( location = 0 ) out vec4 FragColor;

in vec3 Color;
flat in vec3 PtPosition;
flat in vec3 PtNormal;

void main() 
  vec2 ptC = gl_PointCoord- vec2(0.5);
  float depth = -PtNormal.x/PtNormal.z*ptC.x - 
  float sqrMag = ptC.x*ptC.x + ptC.y*ptC.y + depth*depth; 

  if(sqrMag > 0.25) 
  { discard; } 
  { fragColor = vec4(color, 1.0); }

Has anyone successfully implemented an effect like this? I tried doing this in world space as well but ended up getting incorrect results, I figured if i left it all in point sprite expressed space it might be easier.


I think I am missing some basic concept for doing this, any suggestions?

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