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2d Sprite Animation tool specifically for game makers is nearing version 1.0

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BrashMonkey    115

Hi everyone,


It's been a long time since we've made a post here, and Spriter, our 2d Animation tool for game makers has come a long way sine then. In fact we're finally nearing the official release of version 1.0.


You can find out more about Spriter and download the free version from our website:


Here's a peak at what the latest build of Spriter Pro looks like:


There are several features yet to be added, including many which will focus on making work-flow faster and more flexible, but Spriter is now far enough along that it's file format is starting to be supported for many game authoring systems.


For those who use Construct2 from Spriter animation files can now be easily imported and controlled.



And fast progress is being made by a member of our community on a tool which can already quickly convert Spriter animation files to Unity's native 2d framework animation format. You can see Spriter animations being imported and used in Unity here:


Many other authoring systems are also in the process of being supported. You can see the specific status for any particular authoring system here:


Once Spriter 1.0 is officially released we'll be shifting focus to helping the developers and communities of all major authoring systems to make sure Spriter's file format is well supported as soon as possible.


If you think Spriter might be of use to you, we'd love for you to join our forums and Facebook page to not only stay on top of the latest updates and build releases, but to also provide us with feedback and feature requests which we value greatly.


Mike at BrashMonkey





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jbadams    25676

Very cool Mike, I actually bought an early adopter licence quite some time ago, and I think the software shows a lot of promise.  The essentials art packs are especially helpful as starting points for someone who isn't particularly artistic and needs to keep things very simple or modify existing work like myself.  Great to hear it's progressing towards an official release! smile.png  

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