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Ideas for Game! 3D Top-Down Shooter!

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I developing a 3D Platformer game. I want you list some ideas for me to add in-game.


Things i already have


* Multiplayer: 2 to 4 Player Co-Op

* Single-Player: 4+ Hours

* Weapon Classes

* [In Development] Level Progression system

* [In Development] Unlock weapon accessories system!

* 5+ MP Maps.


ALL for (possibly) $10. Good price or not?

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That doesn't leave much to go on.  A couple back of the box bullet points does not tell us anything about the game itself.  I don't think anyone will really be able to help you out here unless you give us significantly more information about what you've built and are planning to build.

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Forums aren't really a clear way of seeking feedback unless you're posting a link to your game's hub (be that a website, a dev blog, a demo, a trailer, WIP, etc).


Something to keep in mind is that, although the industry plays the game of "here's what your getting for this price". I feel that indie games live by different rules to justify pricing. Honestly those bullets wouldn't have me pulling out my wallet and dropping $10 no matter the quality of art or other mechanics (because you aren't sharing them). However if the game offers something unique to any of the listed bullets (preferably all of them). Then I might take an interest. For example.


* Multiplayer: 2 to 4 Player Co-Op (If this was cross platform multiplayer allowing me to face off against other hardware I'd be interigued as to how you pulled that off and I'd pay $10)

* Single-Player: 4+ Hours (If this 4+ hours involved some level of dynamic or non linear story telling that explored some creative directing I'd pay $10)

* Weapon Classes (Honestly this is a masturbatory bullet, I'd rather discover that a game has this feature then have a developer brag about the hours they spend diversifying their game the same way every shooter does)

* [In Development] Level Progression system (Again this is as old as any dice game, not really a selling point for me)

* [In Development] Unlock weapon accessories system! (Your game pacing systems don't really interest me either)

* 5+ MP Maps. (If you have a neat way to interconnect these levels like something "in fiction" or a unique mechanic instead of just a level selection system like so many games I might pay $10)


Big industry can afford to not innovate but indie games are(IMO) worthless(shareware) if they don't give me something new and show it off in a pretty entertaining way. 


I'm not criticizing your hard work and finished production. I just feel indie devs have the luxury of not living by a publishers "limitations" so if your project isn't under the gun. Take what you've made and try bringing something new to the genre.  Most importantly find an entertaining way of showing it off, to intrigue us and other gamers.


Short answer, no. I'm not paying $10 for your game. Not yet...

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An indie game doesn't necessarily have to be ground breakingly new, I really enjoyed crimsonland back in the day, and it doesn't do anything all that different that the original robotron.  That said your bullet points are really tired, and don't seem to show anything new or interesting.  What are the accessories, what do they do?  Same with weapon classes, what does that mean, and give me a reason to care.  Maybe if you told me you had a class of weapons that will turn your enemies into rampaging chickens that explode or something, that would at least get me interested.  Even something less outlandish like a gun that shoots lots of rockets at least gives me something to go on.


Or maybe it's a melee game?  I wouldn't know, because your bullet points fail to describe the game!

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